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The Kinsey Institute Student Research Seminar

Every year, The Kinsey Institute confers sexuality research grants to emerging scholars through the The Kinsey Institute Grant-in-Aid program. The Student Research Seminar celebrates the research efforts of these young scholars as they present their work to faculty, students, and interested members of the public. This program is supported by donations from Friends of The Kinsey Institute, and organized by local Indiana University Friends, Michael Reece, Debby Herbenick, and Kathleen Baldwin.

The 2006 Student Research Seminar was held on Thursday, October 5th, and featured the work of the four graduate students who received grants during the 2005 academic year.

The Romantic and Sexual Lives of Black and White Fraternity Men: The Intersections of Race and Status
Rashawn Ray, Department of Sociology

"If It Ain't His Way, It's No Way": Relationship Status and Male Influence on Young Women's Microbicide Use
Amanda Tanner, Department of Applied Health Science

Players, Prudes, and the Perils of Sex: Young Men's Reflections of Sexual Ethics and the Objectification of Women
Brian Sweeney, Department of Sociology

Religious Switchers and Their Sexual Behavior: Examining the Role of Religious Affiliation
Christine Chavez, Department of Sociology

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