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Relationship Alive (podcast), April 11, 2016. "The Science of Safety with Stephen Porges."
An interview with Kinsey Institute researcher Dr. Stephen Porges on the neurophysiological effects of trauma, and how to avoid being triggered and how to develop healthy responsiveness in relationships.

New York Times, April 7, 2016. “The Persistent Myth about Oral Sex.”
The article discusses misconceptions about the STD-risk of oral sex. Refers to a 1999 study by Dr. Stephanie Sanders, “Would you say you had sex if…”

Glamour, March 30, 2016. "The Stigma Against Virgins Is Real, Study Says"
Research from Kinsey Institute researcher Dr. Amanda Gesselman on the stigma of virginity., March 29, 2016. "Virgin Stigma Is Real, And Even Virgins Don't Want To Date Virgins"
Research from Kinsey Institute researcher Dr. Amanda Gesselman on the stigma of virginity.

Shape, March 29, 2016. "Everyone Is Judging Adult Virgins—Even Adult Virgins"
Research from Kinsey Institute researcher Dr. Amanda Gesselman on the stigma of virginity.

Science of Us (NY Magazine), March 29, 2016. "Adult Virgins Say They Don’t Want to Date Other Adult Virgins."
Research from Kinsey Institute researcher Dr. Amanda Gesselman on the stigma of virginity.

WFIU, March 20, 2016. "Profiles: Sue Carter and Justin Garcia of the Kinsey Institute."
Interviews with two Kinsey Institute researchers: Dr. Justin Garcia and Director Dr. Sue Carter.

Forbes, February 12, 2016. “7 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Oxytocin And The Science Of Love.”
An interview with Kinsey Institute Director, Dr. Sue Carter by her son, Forbes reporter Seth Porges.

Indianapolis Star, Feb 14, 2016. “Kinsey Institute strives to make research relevant.”
A discussion of the Institute's reframed research focus. Also appeared in USA Today.

Wall Street Journal, Feb. 8, 2016., “What keeps couples happy long term?
A review of findings from a long-term study in sexual satisfaction, including research from Dr. Justin Garcia.

Chicago Tribune, Feb. 4, 2016. "Want to get to date No. 2? Go for sushi on date No. 1"
A look at data from the Singles in America study on second dates conducted by Kinsey Institute researcher Dr. Justin Garcia and affiliated researcher Dr. Helen Fisher.

National Geographic, January 9, 2016. “How a pet can influence your love life.”
A look at some of the findings from Dr. Justin Garcia's dating research.

New York Times Magazine, October 22, 2015. "Does Frequent Sex Prime the Immune System for Pregnancy? "
The article summarizes the findings from Dr. Tierney Lorenz' research in two recent journal publications.

Huffington Post, October 22, 2015. "3 Ways to Go from Married!"
Dr. Justin Garcia is quoted on statistics about singles in America.

Washington Post, October 21, 2015. "What are your deal-breakers? Here are the top 5 for women and men."
Article based on the results of a study on deal-breakers in relationship decision-making. Dr. Justin Garcia, and visiting researcher Dr. Greg Webster are co-authors of the study.

Monitor (American Psychological Association), October 2015. "Sex research at the Kinsey Institute"
The article provides historical context for the beginning of Alfred Kinsey's sex research, followed by a discussion of current research projects and profiles of researchers.

Maxim, August 21, 2015. "Are Condoms Really Killing Your Erection?"
This brief article in a popular men's magazine restates the findings of the CURT condom study in popular language, with some explanation of the significance of the findings.

Metro News (Canada), August 18, 2015. "Study points to lack of education about proper condom use"
A brief article highlighting the need for condom use education, in response to CURT Team condom study findings., August 18, 2015. "To what extent are condoms responsible for erection difficulties?"
Another brief overview of study findings from the most recent CURT Team study. Includes full JSM citation.

NY Daily News, August 18, 2015. "Condoms don't cause erection problems: study"
Brief overview of findings of recent condom study by Kinsey Institute CURT team, including Dr. Stephanie Sanders. [This article was distributed widely across many news websites. Content came from AFP news service.], July 28, 2015. "Blood marker may help identify women at highest risk for postpartum depression"
The article discusses the results of a new study pointing to a blood marker that may help identify women at highest risk of postpartum depression. The article contains commentary from study co-author Dr. Jessica Connelly. Kinsey Institute Director Dr. Sue Carter is also a co-author of the study.

Newsweek (European Edition), July 28, 2015. "Kiss Off: Half of The World Doesn't Think Kissing is Romantic"
Article contains highlights from Justin Garcia's recent kissing study, with commentary from Dr. Garcia.

Washington Post, July 27, 2015. "A kiss is not a kiss. In some cultures it’s just gross, researchers find."
Article announcing results of Justin Garcia's recent kissing study. Includes a summary of other recent research on kissing.

WFIU/WTIU, July 27, 2015. "Paul Gebhard, Former Kinsey Institute Director, Dies At 98"
Article on the death of Dr. Gebhard.

Bloomington Herald-Times, July 25, 2015. "Paul Gebhard: a pioneer with Kinsey on sex research, academic freedom"
Editorial in Bloomington newspaper on the influence & research of Dr. Gebhard.

New York Times, July 22, 2015. "Paul Gebhard, Sex Researcher Who Worked With Kinsey, Dies at 98"
New York Times obituary for Dr. Paul Gebhard.

Nature, June 25, 2015. "Neuroscience: The hard science of oxytocin."
The article follows the history of research on the hormone oxytocin, with commentary from Kinsey Institute Director, Dr. Sue Carter., June 1, 2015. "5 Army myths that just won’t die"
The article references a previous Stars and Stripes article where Communications Director Jennifer Bass comments on the effects of stress on sex drive.

The Advocate, April 3, 2015. "9 Celebs Who Fell for the Person. Not the Gender."
Photo essay of celebrities accompanied with discusson of basics of Kinsey Scale., March 24, 2015. "Hormone Level Predicts How the Brain Processes Social Information"
New study suggests individuals with higher levels of oxytocin show higher activity in areas of the 'social' brain, suggesting they attend more to the social aspects of interacations than those with lower levels of oxytocin. Kinsey Director Dr. Sue Carter is a co-researcher of this study.

The Washington Post, March 24. "Need to lose weight? Why oxytocin isn’t the answer yet."
In article on the reported use of oxytocin as a weight loss miracle drug is tempered by comments from Kinsey Institute Director Dr. Sue Carter.

Reuters Health, March 23, 2015. "Antidepressants have sexual side effects in teens, too"
Article reports and discusses findings of new study on effects of SSRI drugs on teen sexuality. Includes commentary from Kinsey Institute researcher Dr. Tierney Lorenz.

Dr. Drew (podcast), March 23, 2015. "Episode #167: Dr. Sue Carter."
Podcast episode includes an interview with Kinsey Institute Director Dr. Sue Carter. Dr. Carter speaks about her research, and her goals to expand the focus of The Institute to be more inclusive. Click to open podcast in new window. Interview begins at 11:58 of podcast.

Marie Claire, Feb 21, 2015. "How Many People Are Actually Doing S&M? We Decided To Find Out."
An article on BDSM, in response to the movie release of Fifty Shades of Grey, cited a 1990 Kinsey Institute study on rates of participation in sadomasochistic behaviors., February 17, 2015."9 Facts Put the Biggest Myths About Threesomes to Bed."
An article on threesomes erroneously attributed a 1995 study on fantasy to the Kinsey Institute, when in fact it is a study by Leitenberg & Henning, cited on the Kinsey Institute FAQ webpage.

Herald-Times, February 14, 2015. "Video: Dr. Justin Garcia."
A video profile of Kinsey Institute researcher, Dr. Justin Garcia., February 13, 2015. '14 Facts About Sex That Can Tell You If You're 'Normal' ... or 'Kinky'"
Statistics on unfaithfulness are attributed to the Kinsey Institute.

Scientific American, February 12, 2015. "Terms of Endearment: Why Do We Use Pet Names in Relationships?"
Comments for Kinsey researcher Dr. Justin Garcia and postgraduate research fellow Dr. Amanda Gesselman on the use of "baby talk" by couples.

Hollywood Reporter, February 12, 2015. "More Emojis Means More Sex, Study Finds"
A review of some of the results of the Singles In America Survey released by, with Kinsey researcher Dr. Justin Garcia.

Scientific American, February 12, 2015. "Science Debunks Midlife Myths"
The article discusses the myth of the midlife crisis, examining a variety of rsearch studies on dissatisfaction, depression, menopause/andropause. The 2011 International Couples Study was cited as a rebuttal to the stereotype of midlife marriage breakdowns.

Indiana Daily Student, February 11, 2015. "Professor files Supreme Court brief about same-sex marriage."
A report on Maurer School of Law and Kinsey Institute affiliated faculty Professor Steve Sanders, who is one of three law scholars who jointly submitted a brief to the Supreme Court.

Indiana Daily Student, January 27, 2015. "Limited choice"
Kinsey Institute scientist Dr. Virginia Vitzthum comments on the push towards abortion regulation in Indiana.

Gay Salt Lake, January 22, 2015. "Your Husband's Definitely Gay."
An article reviewing the findings of a Brigham Young University study on long-term viability of mixed-orientation Mormon marriages (where one partner is hetersexual and another homosexual). The study and article use the Kinsey Scale to measure sexual orientation.

Chronicle of Higher Education, January 19, 2015. "Kinsey Institute Moves Beyond the Study of Sex: Now It’s Love"
A profile of new Kinsey Institute Director Dr. Sue Carter, her research, and her vision for the The Kinsey Institute under her direction.

The Economist, January 6, 2015. "Let's Talk About Sex"
A review of the Wellcome Collection's Institute of Sexology exhibit, which includes a variety of artifacts from the Kinsey Institute archives. The article walks the reader through the various themed areas of the exhibit., January 1, 2015. "5 Sex-Positive Podcasts You Should Check Out In 2015, Because Serial Just Wasn't Sexy Enough"
Kinsey Confidential is included as one of Bustle's top 5 sex-positive podcasts.

Collectors Weekly, December 2, 2014."Royalty, Espionage, and Erotica: Secrets of the World's Tiniest Photographs"
An article about microphotographs known as 'Stanhopes' includes discussion of a collection of erotic Stanhopes in the Kinsey Institute Collection.

The Telegraph, November 20, 2014. "How Britain got a sexual education"
Article considers changes in government and public attitudes to sexuality education and research against the backdrop of Wellcome Collection's Institute of Sexology exhibit.

Londonist, November 19, 2014. "Wellcome Collection’s Institute Of Sexology: Arousing, But No Climax"
Review of the Wellcome Collection's sexology exhibit, including multiple artifacts from the Kinsey Institute archives.

The Guardian, November 17, 2014. "Into the orgasmatron! The Institute of Sexology hits the spot"
Comprehensive review of the Wellcome Collection's sexology exhibit, including multiple artifacts from the Kinsey Institute archives.

Business Week, November 13, 2014. "Just How Inflated Are Parents’ Opinions of Their Kids?"
The Kinsey Scale is included in a list of objective scientific measures, along with the Richter scale for earthquakes, and the pH scale for acicity. The article is about the creation of the Parental Overvaluation Scale.

Daily Mail, November 13, 2014. "Think you know what turns you on? Think again! Internal probe demonstrates how women 'repress' certain sexual desires"
A discussion of writer Melanie Berliet's experience when she volunteered to undergo testing as a sex research volunteer at The Kinsey Institute. Includes commentary from Kinsey Institute researchers Dr. Erick Janssen and Dr. Justin Garcia.

Daily Mail (UK), November 10, 2014. "Would YOU step inside the 'sex box'? Exhibition showcases erotic devices collected from around the world (let's hope it's more fun that it looks)"
Review of the Wellcome Collection's sexology exhibit, including multiple artifacts from the Kinsey Institute archives. (Article includes multiple photographs of exhibit items.)

Cosmopolitan Magazine, November 9, 2014. "I Lent My Vagina to Science"
Writer Melanie Berliet writes about her experience as a volunteer test subject at the Kinsey Institute.

Washington Post, November 4, 2014. "Study of menopause finds fewer hot flashes among women with small children"
Overview of main findings of Dr. Tierney Lorenz's menopause study.

Hitched, October 30, 2014. "Being a Grandma Might Help With Hot Flashes"
Brief overview of Dr. Tierney Lorenz's menopause study. Includes caveat from Dr. Lorenz about preliminary nature of study and need for future research.

Huffington Post Canada, October 29, 2014. "Ease Menopause Symptoms With Young Kids, Study Finds"
Short overview of results of Dr. Tierney Lorenz's study on effects of the 'grandmother' effect on postmenopausal women.

Cosmopolitan, October 20, 2014. "Get That Life: How I Became a Sex Researcher at the Kinsey Institute"
An interview with Kinsey Institute sexual health educator Dr. Debby Herbenick on her path to a career in sex research., October 16, 2014. "Could Grandkids Help Cure Hot Flashes?"
Discussion of the results of Dr. Tierney Lorenz's study on women experiencing menopause after hysterectomy and the effect of regular contact with young children.

Indianapolis Star, October 10, 2014. 'Mapplethorpe’s S&M art no longer so shocking"
The article contrasts the new Kinsey Institute Mapplethorpe exhibit at The Grunwald Gallery with historical reactions to the first large exhibitions of Robert Mapplethorpe's works in 1990., September 24, 2014. "Writing ‘Orange is the New Black,’ I Realized I Was a Lesbian"
Adescription of writer Lauren Morelli's changing sexuality over her lifetime. The Kinsey Scale is included in the discussion of how an invidivual's sexuality may shift from one end of the homosexual/heterosexual spectrum over time., September 23, 2014. "A Brief History Of Bisexuality, From Ancient Greece and The Kinsey Scale To Lindsay Lohan"
The article includes a discussion of the Kinsey Scale in the context of bisexuality.

NUVO, September 11, 2014. "NSFW: A peek at the Kinsey's Mapplethorpe shows."
A review of the upcoming Kinsey Institute exhibits opening in October at The Grunwald Gallery: Robert Mapplethorpe: Photographs from The Kinsey Institute Collection and Beyond Mapplethorpe: Selections from The Kinsey Institute.

The Independent (Canada), September 6, 2014. "Watching Sex (Part 1)"
A first-person account by the reporter on her use of the Kinsey Reporter phone app.

The Globe and Mail, August 25, 2014. "After men, lesbians report the most orgasms during sex, says study"
In depth discussion of the results of the study on orgasm frequency published by Dr. Justin Garcia. Includes discussion of problems of measuring orgasm frequency accurately, with extended commentary from Dr. Garcia, and Dr. Nicole Prause (UCLA).

Reuters, August 25, 2014. "After men, lesbians report the most orgasms during sex"
An overview of results from a study of reports of orgasms during recent sex. Includes comments from lead study author and Kinsey Institute researcher, Dr. Justin Garcia.

CBS News, August 21, 2014. "Who's most likely to reach the 'big O'?"
An overview of results from a study of reports of orgasms during recent sex. Includes comments from lead study author and Kinsey Institute researcher, Dr. Justin Garcia., August 19, 2014. "Study: Lesbians Have More Orgasms Than Straight Women"
A commentary on the results of an orgasm study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine by Kinsey Institute researcher Dr Justin Garcia.

Huffington Post, March 13, 2014. "3 Lies And 1 Truth About Why You're Really Still Single"
Dr Justin Garcia is quoted on statistics of singlehood in America and on "hook-up" research.

Business Mirror, March 13, 2014. "Dating in the digital age–not dead, but definitely different ."
The article discusses current trends among 'millenial' age group, with commentary from Kinsey Institute researcher Dr. Justin Garcia. (Article originally appeared in the Orlando Sentinel [subscription required])., February 15, 2014. "Kinsey Reporter wants to know about your Valentine's Day."
Article reports on the Valentine's Day survey available through the Kinsey Reporter app, with comments from interim KI Director, Dr. Stephanie Sanders.

"Noon Edition", Indiana Public Media, February 14, 2014. "The Science Behind Love."
Radio interview about what science can tell us about love relationships, mate choice, and health factors of love -- with Kinsey Institute researcher Dr. Justin Garcia and Dr. Michael Reece, Professor of Public Health at Indiana University.

Los Angeles Times, February 14, 2014. "Want to dish about Valentine's Day sex? There's an app for that."
Article reports on the Valentine's Day survey available on the Kinsey Reporter app,w ith examples of questions, and comments from both Dr. Stephanie Sanders and Filippo Menczer.

Wall Street, February 12, 2014. "The State of Love and Sex in Single America."
Video interview with Dr. Justin Garcia and Dr. Helen Fisher on the results of the Singles in America study from

Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, February 10, 2014. "Valentine's Day subject of Indiana University sex research."
Article covers basics of the Valentine's Day surveys added to Kinsey Reporter.

New York Times, February 7, 2014. "Talking to Children About Consent."
Q&A with Kinsey Institute sex educator Dr. Debby Herbenick about talking to children about sexual topics.

New York Times Magazine, February 6, 2014. "Does a More Equal Marriage Mean Less Sex?"
Kinsey Institute Scientist Dr. Justin Garcia comments in an article on attraction and sexual activity in marriages that embrace more equality in domestic responsibility compared to more traditional arrangements.

Huffington Post, February 6, 2014. "These Are The People Having The Most Orgasms In America."
Article examines selected findings of the annual Singles in America study, with commentary by Kinsey Institute researcher Dr. Justin Garcia.

Chicago Mag, January 28, 2014."The Kinsey Institute Loves Chicago Art."
A brief article examining links from the Chicago artistic scene to the Kinsey Institute Collections and the Kinsey Institute Juried Art Show.

South Bend Tribune, January 27, 2014. "IU's Kinsey Institute gets sex expert's archives."
The article reports on anthropologist Helen Fisher's donation of her archives to the Kinsey Institute Collections., December 24, 2013. "'Tis the Season for Online Dating & Romance."
Comments from Kinsey Institute researcher Dr. Justin Garcia on trends in dating during the holidays reported in surveys., December 22, 2013. "Your Penis is Huge."
The article discusses widespread misconceptions about average penis size, with data from a variety of scientific studies, including Kinsey's original penis size data. For more information on Kinsey Institute study results, visit our Penis Size FAQ & Bibliography.

Chicago Sun-Times, November 26, 2013. "What’s your pleasure? It differs for women, study shows."
A brief article outlining major findings from Dr. Garcia's hookup research.

Indiana Daily Student, November 19, 2013."Kinsey studies reveal holes in condom use."
Article on studies by the Condom Use Research Team, including comments from team members Dr. William Yarber, and Interim Director, Dr. Stephanie Sanders.

Indiana Daily Student, October 14, 2013. "Expert panel discusses positive sex."
Article discusses the content of a Sexploration week panel discussion including Kinsey researcher, Dr. Justin Garcia., October 14, 2013. "Are Phthalates In Sex Toys Unsafe for your Nether Regions? Here are 6 Tips for Staying On The Safe Side."
The Kinsey Institute is cited as the source for information on pthalates in sex toys. We include this information in the Resources section of

Forbes, October 11, 2013. "Anonymous Sex Survey Takers Get Identified In Data Dive."
A discussion of the balance sex researchers have to maintain between their needs for sensitive information to provide material to study, and survey participants' need for anonymity. Features a discussion of the work of Dr. Raquel Hill, a Kinsey Institute affiliated faculty member, who set up a test of selected Kinsey Institute surveys to evaluate how identifiable anonymous surveys might be.

Indiana Daily Student, October 10th. "Photographer sees artistic moments in niche sexual communities."
A report on photographer Barbara Nitke on the occasion of her lecture at Indiana University. Includes quotations from Kinsey Institute Curator, Catherine Johnson-Roehr., September 27, 2013. "7 Brilliant and Enticing Movies About the Lives of Sexologists."
A list of movies about sexologists, topped by the 2004 film, Kinsey.

Nuvo, September 26, 2013. "Kinsey and IAC explore 'Touchy Subjects'."
Newspaper review of three-part exhibition in Indianapolis featuring selections from The Kinsey Institute Collections, and a gallery talk with Kinsey Institute Curator Catherine Johnson-Roehr.

Vancouver Sun, September 2, 2013. "Hookup culture and your college-bound kid: Tips to navigate the pre-college conversation."
An advice article about 'hook-up' culture aimed at parents of pre-college adolescents includes statistics from Kinsey Institute research., July 28, 2013. "Virginia Johnson, pioneering sex researcher of Masters and Johnson, dies."
Comments from Kinsey Director Dr. Julia Heiman are featured in this article on the legacy of sex pioneer Virginia Johnson.

NPR, July 26, 2013. "50 Years On, Research On Sex Can Still Be A Lightning Rod."
An article on the recent death of sex research pioneer Virginia Johnson, with commentary from Kinsey InstituteDirector of Communications Jennifer Bass.

El Confidencial (Spain), July 23, 2013. "¿Dónde se está practicando sexo? Una 'app' muestra los 'puntos calientes'"
A substantial article on the development and scope of, and what information is gathered by the Kinsey Reporter. In Spanish.

Financal Times, July 19, 2013. "Expat lives: from the Netherlands to the US."
A profile of Kinsey Scientist Dr. Erick Janssen who talks about his experience coming from the Netherlands to live in Bloomington, Indiana and do research at The Kinsey Institute., June 20, 2013. "It’s Not Just A Booty Call; It’s Called ‘Research’ Now!"
Irreverently written, detailed article on the purpose and background of the Kinsey Reporter app.

WIBC (radio), May 23, 2013. "Why do men want/need prostitutes?"
In the wake of a prostitution ring bust in Indianapolis, radio host Ray Steele talks with Kinsey Institute Scientist Dr. Erick Janssen about men's motivation for engaging prostitutes. Listen to Dr. Janssen's comments on prostitution (mp3; 1:30).

The Atlantic, May 22, 2013. "The Gay Guide to Wedded Bliss."
An extended discussion of the similarities and differences between heterosexual and homosexual couples, and how the gender equality inherent in same-sex couples could influence gender relations in traditional heterosexual marriages. Features commentary by Kinsey Institute researcher Dr. Justin Garcia.

Indy Star, May 8, 2013. "IU re-releases Kinsey Reporter app to report sexual behavior data."
A discussion of the re-release of the Kinsey Reporter app. (Full article requires paid subscription).

Indiana Daily Student, May 8, 2013. "Kinsey Reporter mobile app re-released on Wednesday."
Brief overview of the Kinsey Reporter app re-release from Indiana University student newspaper., May 8, 2013. "Kinsey app: Let's talk about sex."
TV news station report on the re-release of the Kinsey Reporter app. The identical article and similar TV coverage was aired by WISH TV on the same date.

Elle, April 23, 2013. "Crash of the Titan"
Dr. Erick Janssen comments on research regarding depression and risky sexual behavior in an article about former Olympic runner Suzy Favor Hamilton working as a prostitute.

The Daily Texan, April 16, 2013. "Hey baby, what's your number?"
The article examines attitudes among college students regarding the sexual history of their sex partners and potential sex partners. The article refers to the "Had Sex Study" conducted by Kinsey Institute researchers.

Art & Design, April 9, 2013. "John Gutoskey: Kinsey Institute Juried Art Show 2013."
Presenting one of the art pieces chosen for the 2013 Kinsey Institute Juried Art Show., April 5, 2013. "Condom scientist hits Hannity comment."
A response from Dr. Erick Janssen to comments from Fox News commentator Sean Hannity about the Kinsey Institute condom use study ., April 2, 2013. "Would the NFL Really Support an Openly Gay Player?"
In an article discussing the challenges facing gay professional athletes wanting to go public with their sexual orientation, the Kinsey scale is mentioned as a measure of sexual attraction.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, March 26, 2013. "Study's recruitment efforts highlight the challenges facing researchers in sensitive fields such as drug abuse."
An article discussing the difficulties researchers face in recruiting enough subjects to ensure valid results in studies into sensitive areas like drug abuse or sex. KI Director of Communications Jennifer Bass is quoted.

Binghamton University Research News, March 27, 2013. "Study: Same-sex parents judged more harshly."
Commentary from KI researcher D r. Justin Garcia and his co-authors on their recent study exploring how perceived sexual orientation affects people's reactions to parents interacting with children in public spaces.

Ithaca Journal, March 26, 2013. "Study: Gay parents judged more harshly for losing their temper."
A brief overview of findings from a study on how people's judgement of parents interacting with children can be influenced by perceived sexual orientation. Kinsey Institute researcher Dr. Justin Garcia is co-author of the study.

Salem Leader, March 16, 2013. "Indiana girls at high risk of sexual assault."
Article discusses WTIU documentary "Shadows of Innocence" and CEEP/Kinsey Institute study on sexual violence and prevention in Indiana.

Inside Binghamton University, February 27, 2013. "Evolutionary biologist stresses importance of sexuality communication"
Kinsey Institute researcher Dr. Justin R. Garcia speaks at Binghamton University about the importance for young people to hear about models of healthy sexuality.

Pipe Dream (Binghamton University), February 24th, 2013. "Researcher says “romantic revolution” disproves death of dating"
Interview with Kinsey Institute postdoctoral fellow Dr Justin R. Garcia on his research into American dating patterns and hook-up culture among college-aged adults.

Times of India, February 14, 2013. "Things not known about singles revealed"
The article presents findings from the Singles in America study, which involved research from Kinsey Institute Fellow Dr. Justin R. Garcia., February 5, 2013. "Nearly half of women research dates on Facebook."
The article examined technology-related findings from the 2013 Singles in America study, including the use of social media and sexting, accompanied by an infographic.

CNN Starting Point, February 5, 2013. "EXCLUSIVE: 'Singles in America' study shows rise in 'pre-commitments,' more men would not date virgins."
Video segment discussing selected findings from the Singles in America study. Kinsey Institute postdoctoral fellow Dr. Justin R. Garcia is one of the researchers involved in this study.

USA Today, February 5th. "What singles want: Survey looks at attraction, turnoffs"
Reporting on the release of the 2013 Singles in America study with research from Kinsey Institute postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Justin R. Garcia., January 18, 2013. "Fetishes 101: All The Basics About Having A Sexual Fetish Or Paraphilia"
The Kinsey Institute was cited for definitions of fetish and paraphilia throughout this article.

National Post, November 16, 2012. "Graphic: The demography of adultery"
An infographic on adultery statistics in the United States, drawn from a 2009 study co-authored by Dr. Erick Janssen., September 18, 2012. "Private Parts."
Extended article on the decision of Indiana University to pull the Kinsey Reporter app from public downloads, and on the issues of privacy and relevance of the data the app is designed to collect., September 13, 2012. "Future Sex: The Kinsey Institute Is Crowdsourcing Sex Research."
A short discussion of the technologic innovation of the Kinsey Reporter app as a research tool.

San Francisco Chronicle, September 13, 2012. "Smartphone app turns ordinary people into sexual behavior researchers."
A description of the Kinsey Reporter app, the reporting protocols, and how people can use it., September 9, 2012. "Want to kiss & tell? Kinsey has app for that."
Report on the release of the Kinsey Reporter app.

San Francisco Chronicle, September 8, 2012. "IU prof: No problems with pulled sex research app."
Comments from an interview with Filippo Menczer on the Kinsey Reporter app, answering suggestions that a problem with the app had caused Indiana University to pull it. Professor Menczer explained the privacy and anonymity functions already included in the app., September 7, 2012. "University Yanks Sex-Tracking App Over Privacy Concerns [VIDEO]."
A video report on the Kinsey Reporter app, including screen shots of the app and website, and a report on the decision by the general counsel to temporarily pull the app. "The app will be back as soon as IU has the chance to make sure everyone's practising safe survey behavior."

Fox59 (TV), September 7, 2012. "IU's Kinsey Institute creates app for sex data."
Report on the release of the Kinsey Reporter app. The anchor adds a brief comment on the delay of the app release.

The Atlantic Wire, September 7, 2012. "A Controversial Sex Research App."
A brief paragraph summarizing the content of the September 6 LA Times article.

Los Angeles Times, September 6, 2012. "Sexual research app scrutinized by lawyers.
The article summarized the news on both the release of the Kinsey Reporter app, and the decision by IU general counsel to pull it from public download.

WCPO TV (ABC), September 6, 2012. "Kinsey Institute releases phone app to track sexual behaviors."
The article presents the release of the app, with a brief review of their experience using it, and comments from people interviewed in Cincinnati about the app., September 6, 2012. "Indiana U. Pulls Kinsey Institute's New App."
A brief blurb on the decision by Indiana University to delay release of the Kinsey Reporter app.

Louisville Courier-Journal, September 6, 2012. "IU pulls Kinsey sex app."
The article discusses the pull of the Kinsey Reporter app, as well as information on the privacy and security protocols of the app. Pulled from an earlier story in the Indianapolis Star.

USA Today, September 5, 2012. "University pulls Kinsey Institute app over privacy concerns."
The article reports on the decision by the university general counsel to pull the Kinsey Reporter app. Includes comments on the existing privacy and security protection in the app.

Advocate, September 5, 2012."A New Kinsey App Lets You Report Sexual Behavior."
A report on the release of the Kinsey Reporter app including a discussion of the privacy measures of the app., September 5, 2012. "Would You Offer Details About Your Sex Life In The Name Of Science? If It Were Anonymous?"
The author offers a brief summary of the IU press release about the release of the Kinsey Reporter app, then asks for reader opinion and comments.

Center for the Book, University of Iowa, August 28, 2012. "UICB Alumni book added to Kinsey Institute's collection"
Announcement that UICB certificate alumna, Lindsey Beal's book "Transmission" has been added to the Kinsey Institute Collections.

NWI Times, August 12, 2012. "Staggering rape numbers for Indiana, youths."
An article on recent rape statistics from the CDC, with comments from Kinsey Institute Director, Dr. Julia Heiman.

Houston Chronicle, July 31, 2012. "Both of Us Are Working, but Are We Having Enough Sex?"
A discussion of sexual difficulties of dual income couples, highlighted with statistics from the Kinsey Institute on frequency of sexual activity.

Chicago Sun-Times, July 9, 2012. "Shaking Up Myths About Sex Toys."
Discussion of vibrators includes an incorrect reference to a Kinsey study on vibrator use. The study was actually conducted by the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University., July 8, 2012. "Sexual Activities That People Don't Count As Having Sex."
Article presents several findings from the Kinsey Institute "Had Sex" survey.

The Village Voice, June 29, 2012. "Dating Is Dead, But Blowjobs Are Very Much Alive, Says Sexpert."
Kinsey Institute postgraduate fellow Dr. Justin R. Garcia is interviewed on the topic of dating culture on college campuses, and 'hookup' culture.

CNN, June 29, 2012. "Are men 'sexually fluid?'" The article compares theories about the fluidity of women's sexuality to representations of male sexual orientation. Includes comments from Kinsey Institute allied research faculty Dr. Elisabeth Lloyd.

Huffington Post UK, June 8, 2012. "Adult Toys Hit the Mainstream and Are Here to Stay"
An article on public perception of vibrators and sex toys, with reference to a 2009 study conducted by a group of researchers including Kinsey Institute scientists, and affiliated faculty.

OWN TV, June 3, 2012. "EPISODE: At Home with Neil Patrick Harris, His Fiancé, David Burtka, and Their Twins."
Oprah interviews television star Neil Patrick Harris. During the interview, which included conversation about the star's sexual orientation and decision to 'come out' in public, Harris discussed the Kinsey Scale.

The Advocate, June 1, 2012. "Maura Could Consider a Lesbian Tryst: Sasha Alexander Talks Rizzoli & Isles."
An interview with television actors in the series Rizzoli & Isles, about two heterosexual female police officers. The interview discusses the emotional intimacy between the characters and the possibility of sexual intimacy. The Kinsey Scale is brought up in a discussion of the wide variety of human sexual attraction and relationship beyond rigid heterosexual or homosexual., May 31, 2012. “50 Shades Of Grey (Matter): How Science Is Defying BDSM Stereotypes”
Article examines media & society stereotypes about BDSM. Includes quotes from Kinsey Director, Dr. Julia Heiman.

New York Daily News, May 30, 2012. "It's time to legalize prostitution."
An opinion article calling for the legalization of prostitution cites a statistic from the Kinsey, that "9% of married men between 40 and 49 reported having no sex in the past year." The statistic is actually taken from the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior (NSSHB).

The Gleaner (Jamaica), May 28, 2012. "Finding Satisfaction in Your Relationship."
An article discussing findings from the international couples study originally released in July 2011.

HuffingtonPost Canada, May 24, 2012. "How To Relax At Your Desk: Calming Muscles On The Job."
An article on relaxation includes statistics on stess and desire from a Kinsey Institute study., May 8, 2012. "Fifty Shades of Grey: The Nutrition Footnotes."
Using the context of the recent erotic bestseller novel, Fifty Shades of Grey, the author discusses how nutritional deficiencies can have negative impact on sexual performance and desire. Includes a reference to a statistic on frequency of sex from a Kinsey Institute study.

HuffingtonPost UK, May 8, 2012. "More Sex Please, We're British!"
The article looks at the growing acceptance of sex toys as part of 'normal' sexual activity, and the growth of the sex-toy industry in both UK and US. Findings from the international couples study on attitudes to cuddling and kissing are included as examples of benefits of sexual activity.

Facts About, May 1, 2012. " FACT: The Kinsey Scale is a large machine that does not weigh fat, but gay."
Appearing in a list of statements about genders submitted by individuals, and then reposted on personal blogs via Tumblr. This post was reposted 197 times.

CBS News, April 25, 2012. “Scientist claims discovery of "G-spot"structure, other experts unconvinced.”
Article on recent g-spot research contains commentary from Kinsey Institute health educator, Dr. Debby Herbenick., April 25, 2012. "Age-old football fan chant confirmed by referee masturbation study."
A tongue-in-cheek article on this comic fake-news website citing a fictitious Kinsey Institute study into masturbation rates among football referees., April 17, 2012. "Shrinks Make You Think."
An article discussing pressure building in India for Indian psychoanalysts to reclassify homosexuality from a disease to a sexual orientation. The Kinsey Scale is mentioned along with the Klein Sexual Orientation Grid as tools for individuals to use to rate their own sexual orientation., April 12, 2012. "'RJ Berger' Star Paul Iacono Comes Out."
Article includes reference to a new television show, titled Kenzie's Scale, which refers to the title character, Kenzie, but is also a reference to the Kinsey Homosexual-Heterosexual Rating Scale.

CBS Chicago, April 9, 2012. "Indiana Tops Nation for Sex Assaults of High School-Age Girls.", April 9, 2012. "Rape statistics: Over 17 Percent of High School-Age Girls in Indiana Experience Sexual Assault."

The Journal Gazette, April 7, 2012. "Researchers alarmed by Ind. high school rape rates."
Comment on recent CEEP study on sexual violence statistics in Indiana.

Herald-Times, April 3, 2012. "Editorial: Indiana's rape Statistics should be at the top of legislative agenda."
Editorial calling for legislative discussion and action in Indiana following the release of a CEEP study on sexual violence in Indiana.

CBC, March 12, 2012. "Condom errors 'common worldwide'."
An summary of the study results from the global condom use overview published in Sexual Health by the Kinsey Institute CURT team.

ABC Science, March 9, 2012. "Incorrect condom use is 'common'."
The article summarizes several findings from the most recent condom study, with comments from Dr. Stephanie Sanders.

PlusNews Global (Nairobi), February 29, 2012. "HIV/AIDS: Ten condom commandments."
The article weaves main findings of the Condom Use Research Team into a list of 10 recommendations for correct condom use.

The Gothamist, February 28, 2012. "Doing It Wrong: Condoms Still Confusing To Many Americans."
Article on condom errors research includes condom clip from comedy film Naked Gun.

Daily Mail, February 27, 2012. "Don't leave it too late! Common condom errors put users at risk of STDs and unwanted pregnancies.
The article reports on the special edition of Sexual Health edited by the Kinsey Condom Use Research Team, and reviews results from the research as well as presenting tips on proper condom use., February 24, 2012. "How to Wear a Condom: Errors Common, Study Finds."
The article presents a variety of findings from the studies in the special issue of Sexual Health on global condom usage, and includes comments from Kinsey Condom Use Research Team member Dr. Richard Crosby (University of Kentucky)., February 24, 2012. "Condom Knowledge Not Common Knowledge."
A summary of the major findings of the Condom Use Research Team.

CBS News, February 24, 2012. "Improper condom use is a global health problem, research shows."
The story reports on the global findings included in the special edition of Sexual Health edited by the Kinsey CURT team, with a quote from Kinsey Institute affiliated researcher Dr. Richard Crosby., February 22, 2012. "Can you choose your sexuality?"
The article uses the Kinsey scale to discuss sexuality as a continuum, and addresses the issue of whether homosexuality is inborn or a choice, with the context of recent comments by actress Cornelia Nixon about her sexuality.

TIME, February 15, 2012. "Objects of Sex: ‘Wired’ at the Kinsey Institute."
TIME presents a slideshow of photographs by Sarah Sudhoff, 2010 artist-in-residence at The Kinsey Institute. Wired is a series of photographs of scientific measuring instruments used in various studies at The Kinsey Institute sex research lab.

WFIU (NPR), February 8, 2012. "When Sex and War Meet."
NPR review of the latest Kinsey Institute Gallery exhibition, Love and War. Review includes a slide show of artworks in the exhibition and an interview with Catherine Johnson-Roehr, Curator of Art, Artifacts, and Photographs at The Kinsey Institute, and co-curator of the exhibit.

PR Newswire, February 2, 2012. " Releases Its Second Annual Comprehensive Study on Singles."
Official press release on Singles in America Study. KI postdoctoral fellow Dr. Justin R. Garcia participated in the development of the study while a consulting scientist for

IU News Room, February 2, 2012. "Cupid's Political Inclinations."
Indiana Univeristy press release on Singles in America study and Dr. Justin R. Garcia's involvement in the development of the study., February 2, 2012. "Many singles looking for love, not marriage."
The article reports a range of finding from the study. KI postdoctoral fellow Dr. Justin R. Garcia is not mentioned by name, but is the evolutionary biologist who participated in the development of the study while acting as a scientific consultant to

The Daily Beast, February 2, 2012. "Republicans Have More Orgasms, According to Sex Survey."
An article sensationalizing some findings from the Singles in America study. The study results showed that Americans reporting conservative political views reported more relationship satisfaction than other categories. The same group also reported less sexual activity in the last year than other groups in the study., Jan 30, 2012. "Homemade Infographic: What were the gayest (and straightest) Super Bowl halftime shows?"
Tongue in cheek rating article uses Kinsey Heterosexual-Homosexual Rating Scale to rate halftime shows from past Super Bowl broadcasts.

CNN, Jan 27, 2012. "Why I orgasmed in an MRI scanner."
Journalist Kayt Sukel discusses her experience participating as a research subject, and the continuing resistance to sex research as a concept. She mentions the pioneering work of Dr. Alfred Kinsey in bringing sex research into public view.

LA Times, Jan 25, 2012. "Tim Gunn's 29 years of celibacy: Yes, it's unusual, expert says."
The article discusses the revelation by celebrity Tim Gunn of 29 years of celibacy in a broader context of what is 'normal' sexual frequency. Statistics from the FAQ page on are included in the article., Jan 24, 2012. "The power virgins: Why is pop culture so darn fascinated with virginity?"
An article on virginity in popular culture includes comments from Kinsey Institute Director of Communications Jennifer Bass.

New York Times, Jan 21, 2012. "Talking With Julia Heiman From Kinsey"
A brief bio article featuring Kinsey Institute's Director Dr. Julia Heiman answering questions on her current reading/listening favorites., Jan 19, 2012. "Dirty Minds: 5 Sex Myths Bashed By Brain Science."
Article includes discussion of brain activity study conducted by Kinsey Institute researcher Dr. Heather Rupp and Indiana University researcher Dr. Thomas James., Jan 4, 2012. "10 Unusual Scientific Scales."
A review article of unusual scientific scales and rating systems referred to Kinsey Hetersexual-Homosexual Rating Scale in the introduction as the scientific scale people have heard of., Jan 4, 2012."Why The Biggest Loser and DWTS Are Better at Matchmaking Than The Bachelor."
Article discusses aspects of two reality TV shows that mimic conditions identified by science as contributing to successful mating or relationships. The article includes comments from noted sex researcher Dr. Beverly Whipple, and Kinsey Institute Postgraduate Fellow Dr. Justin R. Garcia., Dec 23, 2011. "Sex Toy Designer Screaming O Pushes Past Novelty Shops into Walgreens Aisles."
Article on sex toy company refers to 2009 joint study on vibrator use by a team of Indiana University researchers, including scientists from The Kinsey Institute, the Center for Sexual Health Promotion, Gender Studies, and the IU School of Medicine.

Vancouver Sun, December 22, 2011. "University scholars enhancing sex archive."
The Kinsey Institute is described as the "premier academy for sex and gender research" in an article highlighting the establishment and growth of a sexuality collection at Widener University.

The New Yorker, Dec 12, 2011. "Pick A Number."
Columnist Paul Rudnick creates an expanded comic version of the Kinsey Heterosexual-Homosexual Rating Scale. This comic article was very popular and spawned a variety of blog and website replies and commentaries.

Philadelphia Weekly, Nov 30, 2011. "Events Calendar: Erotic Literary Salon."
Description of an event where "from across the entire Kinsey Scale" used to describe varying sexual orientations. (Entertainment Weekly), Nov 29, 2011. "Alan Cumming to bring one-man 'Macbeth' to New York's Lincoln Center Festival."
In a theater review, the character of the Emcee in the musical Cabaret is described as "an ambiguous character who probably has no clue where he sits on the Kinsey scale.", Nov 24, 2011. "Online pornography — What Nigerian cybercafe operators say."
Article discussnig rise of pornography use in cybercafes in Nigeria compared to relatively socially conservative culture and public conversations about sexuality. Dr. Erick Janssen is quoted discussing the technical definition of addiction and whether that can be applied to use of pornography.

WTIU reports on new Masters & Johnson archive at The Kinsey InstituteWTIU News Break (video), Nov 22, 2011. "New Archive Comes to Kinsey."
Brief news report of new Masters & Johnson archive at The Kinsey Institute. Report begins at 0:43 of video., Nov 4, 2011. "Where Do You Fall On The Kinsey Scale?"
A forum poll on leading to a discussion of the fluidity of sexuality, and how to best measure that. Participants also commented on what they liked or disliked about the 0-6 rating style of the Kinsey Scale.

Revenge (ABC), Nov 2, 2011. "Charade."
In this episode, in response to a comment from Tyler, Nolan responds, "Ah, ambiguous sexual identity, I get it. I'm about a three on the Kinsey scale.” More information on The Kinsey Homosexuality-Heterosexuality Rating Scale can be found here », Nov 1, 2011. "Research Raises Concern over Consequences of Hormonal Contraception."
An article on the hormonal birth control research presented at the APHA annual meeting by Nicole Smith. This article overstated Smith's negative findings, and inserted recommendations to avoid hormonal contraceptives altogether which was not included in the presentation., Nov 1 2011. "IU's Kinsey institute finds that grandma's sexual satisfaction is not tied to her birth control. Grandma.... sexual... satisfaction. How's your breakfast, Farkers?"
A posting on the news satire site about the previous day's article. Although the original post was derisive of the sex lives of older women, the posting led to a sustained conversation among contributors around the topic of aging and sex, and older women and sexual satisfaction. Some of it was even serious., Oct 31, 2011. "Grandma's birth control problems persist."
A brief article reporting on research on hormonal birth control presented at the APHA annual meeting in Washington by lead researcher Nicole Smith, an IU doctoral student and project coordinator at Indiana University's Center for Sexual Health Promotion. The research was based on data originally obtained by Kinsey Institute's Women's Wellbeing Study., Oct 28, 2011. "Is Everyone Manscaping?"
A question to a Q&A column about how many men shape or remove their pubic hair is answered in part with a reference to a Kinsey study on women's pubic hair.

ArtInfo, Oct 13, 2011. "Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation Gives Kinsey Institute Photos to Teach About S&M Sex."
Brief gossip column reporting the donation of Mapplethorpe photographs to the Kinsey Institute.

Art in America, Oct 12, 2011. "Mapplethorpe Photos for Sex Ed."
Brief commentary on Mapplethorpe donation compares Kinsey's controversial research with 1990's controversy of Mapplethorpe photograph exhibit.

Pravda, Sept 7, 2011. "Bisexual Males Startle Scientists."
Published in both Russian and English, this article summarizes content from the NY Times and coverage of the recent bisexuality studies., August 27, 2011. "The Invisible Bisexual Man."
An article referring to the August 22, 2011 story in the New York Times, "No Surprise for Bisexual Men: Report Indicates They Exist" (see below), which also discusses the Kinsey Homosexuality/Heterosexuality rating scale.

New York Times, August 22, 2011. "No Surprise for Bisexual Men: Report Indicates They Exist."
The news story examined both the Kinsey Institute bisexuality study by Dr. Janssen and a recent Northwestern University study that indicate distinctive arousal patterns for bisexual men different from arousal patterns in both heterosexual and homosexual men."

New York Times, August 22, 2011. "A Validation for Bisexual Men."
A short summary of congruent results from the Kinsey bisexuality arousal study and the recent Northwestern University bisexuality arousal study.

State Impact (NPR), August 8, 2011. "Former Kinsey Director Shares Ryan Remembrance."
Former Kinsey Institute Director June Reinisch offers a remembrance of former IU President John Ryan. Ryan died Saturday, August 6th at the age of 81.

Irish Times, August 8, 2011. "Five ways to improve your relationship."
The article includes "cuddle her a lot" in a list of 5 relationship tips. The article references the international couples study.

The Stir, August 5, 2011. "Teen Boys' Favorite Activity Is Better for Them Than We Thought."
The article discusses research correlating teenage boys masturbation rates with condom use rates. The Kinsey Institute is cited in statistics on masturbation for teenage boys and girls. The statistics cited are taken from our FAQ page, and are drawn from the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior (NSSHB), which was conducted by the Center for Sexual Health Promotion.

The Mitch Albom Show (radio), August 4, 2011. "What Is Your Sexual Personality?"
An interview with Dr. Robin Milhausen, co-author of the heterosexual infidelity study, on the role of sexual 'personality' in predicting infidelity in a relationship. The episode is available for free download from iTunes. The interview runs from 19:15 to 24:20 of the segment.

The Huffington Post, August 3, 2011. "Infidelity Linked To 'Sexual Personality': University Of Guelph Study."
Text of an extended interview the Dr. Erick Janssen on the findings of the recent heterosexual infidelity study.

The Stir, August 2, 2011. "Your Mom Has a Better Sex Life Than You Do."
A short article discussing the findings of the international couples study, focussing on women's sexual satisfaction.

TIME, July 29, 2011. "Study: Predicting If a Partner Will Cheat Could Be Gender-Specific."
The article presents an analysis of the main results of the heterosexual infidelity study, including a discussion of how the study was conducted.

Straits Times (Singapore), July 28, 2011. "Study looks into personality factors affecting infidelity."
The article summarizes the main findings of the infidelity study., July 28, 2011. "58 Percent of Americans' Fantasies Now Apple-related."
A satirical fake-news site article citing results from an imaginary study from The Kinsey Institute on the subject of American sexual fantasies., July 28, 2011. "Study: The Older A Woman, The More She Enjoys Sex."
A large forum-based site on relationships, YourTango published an article on the international couples study focussing on results on female sexual satisfaction, based on an article about the study published by, a high-profile internet dating site., July 26, 2011. "Personality Characteristics of an Unfaithful Partner."
An article discussing sexual performance anxiety and risk-taking as infidelity factors in the results of the infidelity study. The article also pointed out simililarities and differences between male and female results.

UPI, July 25, 2011. "Sex performance anxiety linked to cheating."
A short article focussing on the influence of sexual anxiety on infidelity in the infidelity study., July 25, 2011. "Sexual Anxiety, Personality Predictors of Infidelity."
Article reporting detailed results from the infidelity study, and interview highlights with study co-author Dr. Robin Milhausen.

Macleans, July 25, 2011. "The war on snoring heats up."
An article on snoring and remedies employed by couples dealing with one partner's snoring mentions the results of the international couples study on the importance of cuddling for intimacy.

Daily Mail, July 21, 2011. "Is a cuddle better than sex?"
Extended article presents a series of anecdotal interviews from mid-aged women concerning sex, cuddling, and relationship satisfaction, and discusses the role of oxytocin in relationship happiness. The article ends by discussing results from the recent international couples study on how physical affection and sexual activity affect relationship satisfaction.

The Globe and Mail, July 21, 2011. "Why being nervous in bed could lead you to cheat."
An analysis of the recent heterosexual infidelity study with commentary from study co-author Dr. Robin Milhausen of Guelph University.

Dr. Laura Berman Show, Oprah Winfrey Network, July 18-20, 2011. "Dr. Laura Berman's Love Quiz."
A quiz question on adolescent exposure to online pornography cited a figure from our FAQ page section on internet pornography. The figure came from a 2007 study by Wolak, Mitchell, and Finkelhor published in Pediatrics.

Montreal Gazette, July 15, 2011. "Kissing and Cuddling More Important to Men."
A brief summary of the results on relationship satisfaction from the couples study, with quotes from a phone interview with Dr. Julia Heiman.

Huffington Post, July 15, 2011. "Maybe Men Are The More Romantic Gender."
A short article putting results from the international couples study in the context of other statistics on men and relationships.

The Guardian, July 12, 2010. "Everything you didn't know about sex, but thought you did."
The article included the recent couples study within a larger discussion of current cultural attitudes to sexual satisfaction in long-term relationships.

Slate, July 12, 2011. "Men Are From Cuddle, Women Are From Penis."
A lengthy article analyzing recent media coverage and interpretation of the international couples study compared to the actual study results and the language used in the study itself.

CBC, July 10, 2011. "Who enjoys cuddling more? Men or women?
A brief article on the findings of the international couples study, followed by a reader survey on cuddling., July 15, 2011. "The Key To Good Sex Is In Your Head."
A lengthy summary article on results from the international couples study. is a high-profile dating and matchmaking web service with a large membership.

Huffington Post, July 10, 2011. "Men Value Cuddling, Women Value Sex, Says New Reseach On Relationship Satisfaction."
The article presented summaries and quotes from several other news sources about the international couples study, including ABC News, Time magazine, and MSNBC.

The Telegraph, July 10, 2011. "Cuddling is more important to men than women, survey says."
The article reports women like cuddling more than women, that both sexes were happier and enjoyed sex more the longer they were together, and that women were more likely to report they were sexually satisfied.

CTV News (Canada), July 10, 2011. "Men enjoy cuddling more than women, study says."
An article about the international couples study, with commentary from relationship expert Cynthia Loyst, and anthropologist Helen Fisher,includig an analysis of the possible contribution of oxytocin to relatioships longevity. The article also included Canadian marital statistics from the Vanier Institute of the Family.

New York Times, July 8, 2011. Crossword puzzle clue.
Clue number 44 across was: Kinsey Institute subject. The answer was: Arousal.

ABC News, July 8, 2011. "Cuddling More Important to Men in Long-Term Relationships."
An article on the international couples studying, with commentary from psychologists Aline Zoldbrod, Susan Heitler, Fran Walfish and Pepper Schwartz, and sex educator Amy Levine.

Various television news reports, July 6-26, 2011.
Over July 6th and July 7th, 2011, more than 45 local television stations in the US ran news stories on the international couples study, focussing on the study result on men and cuddling. The majority of the stories stated that the study claimed that cuddling was more important to men than to women.

Television news coverage continued for several weeks with an additional 45 TV stations running similar reports.

Toronto Star, July 7, 2011. "Men need to cuddle, study says."
This article on the international couples study featured several quotes from lead author Dr. Julia Heiman.

L.A. Times, July 7, 2011. "Men like cuddling, sure, but more important: Couples like each other."
This article about the international couples study focussed on the study findings about relationship happiness and discussed specific data from the study tables on frequency of sexual contact and relationship satisfaction.

TIME, July 7, 2011. " Survey Shows Men Need to Cuddle, Women Value Sex."
This article on the international couples study reported on findings on men and cuddling, and women and sexual satisfaction, but also included study findings on men's health and relationship satisfaction, and the connection between how important a man considers his partner's orgasm and his overall relationship satisfaction.

Boston Globe, July 7, 2011. "Kinsey relationship survey: Men value cuddling, women sexual satisfaction."
This article on the international couples study included a caveat that the study findings about men and cuddling and women and sex did not indicate that affectionate touching was unimportant to women. Rather, the article points out that the study also showed that women who were more satisfied with their relationship reported more kissing and cuddling than women who reported less satisfaction. (One of the few articles to report on this distinction.)

New York Times, June 13, 2011. "Digital Flirting: Easy To Do and Easy To Get Caught."
Senior Scientist Erick Janssen comments on the use of new technology in sexual relationships, and the need for more research to understand how technology fits into the development of human sexual and romantic partnerships. This story was republished on June 22, 2011 in Times of Oman under the headline "Digital Dalliances.", May 31, 2011. "Bad Research: Popular Sex Search Terms."
In an article critiquing recent sex research, the Kinsey Institute is used as the standard of good research for comparison., May 31, 2011. "My Take: There’s nothing brief about a hookup."
The article discusses the emotional implications of 'hook-ups' or casual sex. The article includes a reference to Kinsey Institute research on infidelity.

Forbes, May 26, 2011. "How to Cut Out the Unwanted Come-Ons."
An advice article to businesswomen on handling unwanted sexual attention from co-workers cites a Kinsey Institute statistic on men and sexual thoughts.

CNN Global Asia, May 4, 2011. " Marcus Mok: On the ups and downs of shooting male nudes."
An article on the artwork of Marcus Mok mentioned the Kinsey Institute as one organization holding his works.

Wall Street Journal, May 2, 2011. "The Joy of Researching the Health Benefits of Sex."
Kinsey Institute researcher Dr. Erick Janssen comments on the accuracy of recent media reports of the physical and emotional health benefits of sex., May 1, 2011. "Why Do Women Feel Bad About Doing Things That Feel Good?"
An in-depth article examining women's emotional relationship to pornography and changing attitudes towards sexual content in main-stream media. The article quotes Dr. Bryan Paul, professor of Telecommunications and Kinsey Institute Affiliated Faculty.

Eugene Weekly, April 21, 2011. "Hot Stuff At Museum."
The article discusses the range of the Kinsey Institute art collections and features an interview with Kinsey Institute Curator of Art, Artifacts, and Photographs, Catherine Johnson-Roehr.

LA Times, April 16, 2011. Crossword puzzle clue.
Clue: Kinsey Institute Library collection. Answer: Erotica.

Wall Street Journal, April 15, 2011. "Reliable Tally of Gay Population Proves Elusive."
A discussion of a recent study by Dr. Gary Gates reviewing demographic studies on homosexuality in the United States, and the problems inherent in statistics drawn from the national census. The original Kinsey reports were mentioned in the article.

MSN Health News, April 13, 2011. "Our Bodies: More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About What Comes Out."
The Kinsey Institute was cited for a statistic on the average number of times a man has sex in a year, and how much semen would be produced.

Daily Mail (UK), April 7, 2011. "Study doubts 'one in ten' figure and claims just 1.7 per cent of Americans are gay or lesbian." Reporting the results of the Williams Institute study, and citing Kinsey's research erroneously as claiming 1-in-10 adults are homosexual.

Associated Press via Google News, April 7, 2011. "Demographer: US has 4M adults who identify as gay."
Williams Institute demographer Dr. Gary Gates published a study reviewing the results of five previous studies, and concluded that approximately 4 million US citizens identify as gay, lesbian or bisexual. Alfred Kinsey's research is erroneously cited as "Kinsey's 1-in-10 number." This story was picked up in numerous national news venues and blogs including ABC News, the LA Weekly, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Examiner, and numerous regional and city newspapers.

ESPN, The Magazine, February 25, 2011. "It just ain't so."
KI Director of Communications Jennifer Bass is quoted on the possible health benefits of sex in an article debunking several sports myths.

The Frisky, February 24, 2011. "Why Does It Matter How Many Partners She's Had?"
An article about popular concerns with how many perior sexual partners a current partner has had, and comparing differences between male and female behavior and attitude. The article cites Kinsey Institute statistics on number of sexual partners., February 23, 2011. "Review: Project Happily Ever After."
A book review of Project: Happily Ever After including some Kinsey Institute statistics on frequency of intercourse.

Esquire, February 15, 2011. "Skins vs. Actual Teenagers: There Is a Difference."
The article looks at responses to a controversial MTV television show, citing Kinsey Institute statistics on masturbation in a discussion of whether the show characters are caricatures.

USA Today, Jan 11, 2011. Crossword puzzle.
Clue: Kinsey research topic. Answer: Sex., December 31, 2010. "Indiana University Cinema to include Kinsey Collection sex films in programming."
A recap of information from the Los Angeles Times article on the "Kinsey Collection."

Los Angeles Times, December 30, 2010. "Kinsey Collection still a touchy subject."
Article discusses the variety and extent of film holdings within the Kinsey Institute Library & Archives as a challenge for the new Indiana University Cinema, which will be screening historical and art films from other Indiana University collections. This article was reprinted in the Chicago Tribune, and also generated various blog posts and Twitter traffic.

CBS News, November 22, 2010. "No Satisfaction: Boomers Unhappiest over Sex."
Article reports on the findings of a a new Associated poll of baby boomers, with comments from Kinsey Institute Director of Communications Jennifer Bass, and Kinsey Institute Affiliated Faculty, Dr. Debby Herbenick.

CBS News, November 22, 2010. "Poll: Baby Boomers Confident About Sex."
Article reports on the findings of a a new Associated poll of baby boomers, with comments from Kinsey Institute Director of Communications Jennifer Bass, and Kinsey Institute Affiliated Faculty, Dr. Debby Herbenick.

Washington Post, November 7, 2010. "After three decades, Julia Heiman's still demystifying sex."
Comments from Dr. Julia Heiman on changes she's seen during her career in attitudes towards sex research, and areas of sex research she feels are currently under-explored.

TIME, October 7, 2010. "5 Little-Known Truths About American Sex Lives."
A series of 5 short articles building on results reported from the new national sex survey, including teen-age sex, sex among older Americans, same-sex sexual activity, and differences between men and women's sexual preferences.

ABS-CBN News, October 5, 2010. "Americans inventive in sex: study."
European newswire article giving wide overview of results of national sex survey., October 5, 2010. "Condoms common among US teens, rare for old folk."
The article focusses on statistics regarding condom use from the national sex survey. Also included is some commentary from former Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders.

The Guardian (UK), October 5, 2010. "America reveals its sexual secrets."
An in-depth review of the study results of the new national sex survey.

The Guardian (UK), October 5, 2010. "Sex in the US: the shocking truth."
An opinion article discussing public and media reactions in the US to the recently released national sex survey.

New York Daily News, October 5, 2010. "Sex survey is lesson for 'Harry': Perform well in bed and 'Sally' won't have to fake it."
A discussion of some of the sex differences revealed in the latest national sex survey. The article suggests that the lower percentage of women over 40 enjoying intercourse is a result of men's misunderstanding or ignorance of the best technique for creating female sexual pleasure.

BBC (UK), October 4, 2010. "In the closet or not?"
An article discussing figures from the UK Office of National Statistics which put the percent of gays and lesbians at 1.5% of the population. The article makes reference to the 10% figure attributed to the Kinsey Reports, and discusses critiques of Kinsey's methodology.

The Huffington Post, October 5, 2010. "Results Are In: Biggest U.S. Sexual Health Study In 20 Years."
A photo essay accompanying some commentary on the new national sex survey.

Sydney Morning Herald, October 5, 2010. "United States of sex: survey lifts lid on Americans. "
Overview of the results of the new national sex survey, with comments from survey co-author Dr. Michael Reece, and Dr. Joycelyn Elders, former Surgeon General.

National Post (Canada), October 4, 2010. "New American sex study finds proof women are ‘faking it’"
Brief article focussing on the 'orgasm' gap between men and women reported in the new national sex survey., October 4, 2010. "Sex in the U.S.: New survey reveals our steamy secrets."
A reprint of the AP article on the new national sex survey, with quotes from researchers Dr. Debby Herbenick and Dr. Dennis Fortenberry.

The Huffington Post, October 4, 2010. "Sex Study By National Survey Of Sexual Health And Behavior Is Biggest Since 1994."
A brief overview of the most prominent results from the new national sex survey. This AP story was picked up and released under various titles by numerous other news sources, including, CTV News (Canada), the Minnieapolis Star Tribune, the Louisville Courier-Journal, the Washington Examiner, the Philadelphia Daily News, and the Seattle Times., October 4, 2010. "Sexual Behavior, Condom Use by US Individuals Ages 14 to 94."
An overview of the study results, adapted from the Indiana University press release.

ABC News, October 4, 2010. "Faking It? New Sex Study May Rat You Out"
An article discussing the new national sex survey results, focussing on the disparity between the percentage of men and women reporting orgasms during intercourse, and information on teen sexual activities.

Washington Post, October 4, 2010. "Study reveals Americans' sexual activity, condom use."
A brief overview of the new national sex survey in the Health section.

Washington Post, October 4, 2010. "Dirty talk? New sex survey's surprising stats."
Opinion article questions the methodology of phone surveys about sexual topics, and considers some of the results of the new national sex survey.

TIME, October 4, 2010. "Study of American Sex Habits Suggests Boomers Need Sex Ed."
The article discusses some of the findings from the new national sex survey, concentrating on lower rates of sexual activity among teenagers than expected, high condom use among sexually active teenagers, and low condom use rates among those men and women over 50., October 1, 2010. "'Secret Historian' author to discuss bio challenges at Beinecke."
An interview article with Justin Spring about his new book on Samuel Steward. Spring mentions his time researching at The Kinsey Institute, and Steward's involvement with the Kinsey Report research., September 15, 2010. "Is your child a "prehomosexual"? Forecasting adult sexual orientation."
Article examining documented inherent differences in sex-type behavior in boys and girls, and the relationship between childhood deviation from standard gender roles and adult sex orientation. The article mentions the Kinsey Scale as a measure of sexual behavior and orientation.

WIBC Radio, September 14, 2010, Men’s Health Survey of Sexiest Cities.
Jennifer Bass in a light-hearted conversation with WIBC talk radio Ed Wenck on the ‘sexiest cities in America.’ Click to listen to the 'Sexiest Cities' interview; (mp3; 5:28 mins)

The Advocate, August 11, 2010. Study: U.S., U.K. Gay Men Differ on “Sex”
A brief article reporting some findings from the Had Sex study, and citing an IU Newsroom press release.

Hartford Courant, Aug 1, 2010. "How Newspaper Columnists Learn About Sex."
A discussion of a session about The Kinsey Institute with Dr. Debby Herbenick at the National Society of Newspaper Columnists conference in Bloomington in July 2010.

The Washington Post, July 30, 2010. "In Bloomington, Ind., every experience is educational."
Review by Washington Post columnist of her visit to Bloomington for the National Society of Newspaper Columnists Conference, and her tour of The Kinsey Institute. KI Secretary Pat Lacy is quoted in the article.

The Anniston Star, July 18, 2010. "NSNC? We don’t deal in a lot of facts."
Columnist George Smith relates his trip to Bloomington to attend the National Society of Newspaper Columnists Conference, which included a session about the Kinsey Institute, hosted by KI research associate Dr. Debby Herbenick.

Los Angeles Times, July 11, 2010. "The Sunday Conversation: Joshua Bell brings classical music to the masses."
An interview with classical violinist Joshua Bell includes references to his life growing up as the son of KI Researcher Dr. Alan Bell.

The Wall Street Journal, July 3, 2010. "How to Get Your Groove Back."
An article examining current research on the distinction between desire and arousal, in the wake of the recent FDA decision not to approve Flibanserin, known as the 'female Viagra.' KI researcher Dr. Erick Janssen is briefly cited in the article.

Ottawa Citizen, June 19, 2010. "Myths about sex."
This is a review of the newly published book, Sex: The World's Favorite Pastime, Fully Revealed. Some statistics from Sexual Behavior in the Human Male are cited in a discussion debunking the myth that men are more promiscuous than women., June 19, 2010. "'Female Viagra' Gets Thumbs Down From FDA Panel."
The article reports on the negative recommendation from the FDA expert panel considering approval for the drug flibanserin. Kinsey Institute senior research fellow June Reinisch is quoted in the article.

The Week, June 18, 2010. "Is the 'female Viagra' a myth?"
An article discussing the drug flibanserin, often called 'the female Viagra.' The article features a comment by June Reinisch, a Kinsey Institute Senior Research Fellow.

Newsweek, June 15, 2010. "Safer Sex, Better Sex: The Truth About Condom Design."
The article explains developments in condom design and construction designed to provide a better sexual experience to users and encourage more condom use. Kinsey Research Fellow Dr. Debby Herbenick discusses the effect and popularity of condoms featuring a wider head.

Stars and Stripes, June 15, 2010. "Are new recruits secretly given saltpeter?"
The article examines the persistent rumor that American armed forces recruits are given food laced with saltpeter to repress their sexual desire during basic training. Kinsey Institute Director of Communications Jennifer Bass commented on research about the effects of stress on levels of sexual desire.

The Times / The Sunday Times, May 29, 2010. "Female Viagra: Do women really need it?"
An article exploring recent research on female desire and arousal, in anticipation of the June 2010 FDA decision on the approval of flibanserin as treatment for hypo-active desire disorder in women. The Kinsey Institute is cited as the source of research figures on women's sexual activity.

The Examiner, May 21, 2010. "Bigger and better condoms on the way to DC students."
The article discusses a move by DC public schools to provide large condoms among free condoms issued to studens in a public health initiative. A study from the KI Condom Use Research Team regarding ill-fitting condoms is cited.

WIBC Radio, May 19, 2010. Interview with Dr. Erick Janssen
Dr. Janssen commented on his research on infidelity and sexual risk-taking, in the context of Rep. Mark Souder's resignation following the revelation of his affair with a part-time aide. (Dr. Janssen comments on Souder scandal (mp3); 4:34 mins)

Indianapolis Star, May 18, 2010. "Why do politicians like Rep. Mark Souder stray?"
An article discussing the scandal surrounding Indiana Rep. Mark Souder's revealed extramarital affair. Kinsey researcher Dr. Erick Janssen commented on sex research about infidelity.

WTHR TV, May 13, 2010. "Indiana projects feel impact of stimulus funds."
The Kinsey Institute was briefly mentioned in a review of various Indiana recipients of stimulus grant money, and the economic impact of the associated grants. KI Director of Communications Jennifer Bass comments in the article.

Toronto Sun, April 16, 2010. "Was it sex?"
The article discusses the results of the Had Sex survey, in the context of other studies & articles that revealed differences in how men and women remember & relate sexual encounters.

Sexuality & Religion: What's the Connection?, March 15, 2010. "Is It Sex Yet?"
Sexologist Debra Haffner discusses the findings of the recently published "Had Sex" survey on her blog.

The Times, March 13, 2010. "Stress: sex is the first casualty."
An article on the effects of stress on sexual desire and performance mentions a Kinsey Institute study which found that some men experience increased libido when under stress.

BBC World Service (Radio), March 8, 2010. "Health Check."
Dr. William Yarber is interviewed in a news story on the recent condom study. The segment runs from 16:10 to 21:20 of the programme.

ABC News, March 8, 2010. "Study: Adults Can't Agree What 'Sex' Means."
An extensive article on the "Had Sex" survey which moved beyond reporting survey results to consider what factors might influence respondents in their opinion on what constitutes 'having sex.' The article contained considerable commentary from study co-author Brandon Hill, as well as comments from leading sex researchers, including Dr. Eli Coleman, Dr. Ed Laumann, and Dr. June Reinisch. The article also discussed the controversy concerning the publication of the 1999 "Had Sex" survey at the same time as the President Clinton/Lewinsky sex scandal., March 5, 2010. "News: Study finds large differences in people's definitions of "had sex". Weird: 23% of old men don't consider intercourse to be "sex"." is a popular news aggregator website which presents links to breaking news stories online, submitted by readers & categorized with an added comic headline. The site included a link to news article on the "Had Sex" study under the "Strange" category., March 5, 2010. "The Definition of 'Sex'."
This is a popular news/comedy site. The author reviewed the findings of the "Had Sex" study and then proposed his own working definition of 'sex' and an additional category of activities that were 'not sex, but must be acknowledged.'

NY Daily News, March 5, 2010. "Study finds surprising variation in how people define 'had sex'."
The article commented on the LA Times article and IU press release about the "Had Sex" study, including commentary from study co-author Dr. William Yarber, and citing survey responses from the group of men 65 and older., March 5, 2010. "No Consensus in Definitions of 'Had Sex,' Study Finds."
The article discussed the findings of the recent "Had Sex" survey, as well as the earlier 1999 "Had Sex" and included comments from two of the study's co-authors, KI Research Associate Brandon Hill and KI Senior Research Fellow Dr. William Yarber., March 4, 2010. "What is sex? According to researchers, adults don't agree on a definition."
The article summarized the major findings of the recent "Had Sex" study released in February, and included a brief discussion of the social context for disagreement over the term "having sex." KI Research Associate Brandon Hill was also quoted about the implications of the study for sex researchers & health professional as they talk with subjects & patients.

Reason, March 4, 2010. "Have You "Had Sex"? Are You Sure?"
The article presents a short list of study findings from the "Had Sex" survey.

KOAT TV (ABC), March 4, 2010. "What Does 'Had Sex' Mean? It Depends."
The article briefly summarizes main findings from the recent "Had Sex" study, and quotes KI Research Associate Brandon Hill, one of the study co-authors.

LA Times, March 4, 2010. "What do you mean you 'had sex'?"
This article discussed some initial findings of the "Had Sex" survey, published in the journal Sexual Health.

LA Times, March 1, 2010. "Sex addiction divides mental health experts."
The article discusses the issue of 'sex addiction' with reference to the American Psychiatric Association, recent celebrity scandals, a variety of sex researchers & therapists, and several academic & clinical studies, including the 2004 Kinsey study of 31 self-defined 'sex addicts' co-authored by former Kinsey Director, Dr. John Bancroft.

Psychology Today, February 28, 2010. "Sex: Are Men Really Only After One thing? Part II."
The second of three blog posts in a series by Diana Kirschner discussing findings from the 2008 MALES study co-authored by KI Director Dr. Julia Heiman, which found that personal honor and family relationships were high priorities for the men studied.

The Atlantic, February 25, 2010. "The Challenge of Marketing Small Condoms."
This article reported on the recent condom study, with additional reporting on how large condom companies currently market & label their condom products., February 17, 2010. "Study: Men dislike buying condoms called 'small'."
The article considers psychological factors influencing men's condom buying habits, with reference to the condom study., February 16, 2010. "Sex researchers say that ill-fitting condoms are a problem, recommends new sizing charts: Ouchie, Jumbo, Extra-Large, Large, Normal, and Hummer-owner." is a popular news aggregator website which presents links to breaking news stories online, submitted by readers & categorized with an added comic headline. The site included a link to news article on the condom study in the "Interesting" category.

CBC News (Canada), February 16, 2010. "Improve condom fit for public health, MDs say."
This study reported the findings from the condom study on improper fit leading to increased incidence of improper use, but also focussed on the fact that men reported aversion to buying condoms labeled 'small,' leading them to purchase condoms of the wrong size.

Daily Telegraph (UK), February 16, 2010. "Men 'risking health by avoiding small condoms'."
A report on the new study emphasizing the health risks when bad condom fit leads to improper use or early removal of condoms. The story also included a note about bias in the study due to having self-selected participants through the web survey.

Business Week, February 16, 2010. "Survey Finds Many Men Complaining of Ill-Fitting Condoms."
A report on the new study emphasizing the health risks when bad condom fit leads to improper use or early removal of condoms., February 16, 2010. "Too big? Survey finds why men refuse condoms."
An altered version of the Reuters story below.

Reuters, February 15, 2010. "Poor fit may explain why men refuse condoms."
A brief story reporting the highlights of a recent study on the relationship of condom fit to condom usage headed by Kinsey Institute Research Fellows Dr. William Yarber (Indiana University), and Dr. Richard Crosby (University of Kentucky). Reuters is a news service, and this story was picked up by many news organizations and blogs, including ABC, and Yahoo! News.

Consumer Reports Health Blog, February 12, 2010. "For the weekend: How about some sexual healing?"
A short article on the potential health benefits of sex, featuring a comment from KI Director Dr. Julia Heiman.

Women'sHealth, Feb 7, 2010. "Spotlight: Birth Control: Get Your Libido Back."
Kinsey Institute Research Fellow Dr. Cynthia Graham was quoted in an article discussing the effects of oral contraceptives on birth control - what kind of effect some women experience, why they are affected, and possible remedies. This article was reprinted on

Elle, February 1, 2010. "Sexless Relationships."
An article examining married couples in their 20s and 30s who have little or not sexual component to their relationship. KI Researcher Dr. Erick Janssen comments on Hypoactive Sexual Desire, and the subjective nature of measuring desire, especially in women.

Psychology Today, January 30, 2010. "Sex: Are Men Really Only After One thing? Part I."
The first of three blog posts in a seriesby Diana Kirschner discussing findings from the 2008 MALES study co-authored by KI Director Dr. Julia Heiman, which found that personal honor and family relationships were high priorities for the men studied. This blog post was picked up and republished in several other blogs.

New York Times Magazine, November 15, 2009. "Three's Company."
A brief, light article discussing sexual threesomes. Jennifer Bass, KI Director of Commmunications, is quoted in the article.

Toronto Star, October 26, 2009. "DiManno: Chastity is mighty hard to legislate."
The article discusses recent news stories on male celebrity infidelity, and male customers of prostitution, and cites figures from an unnamed Kinsey Institute study.

Our Bodies, Ourselves Blog, October 23, 2009. "The Futile Yet Persistent Search to Define and Determine Gender."
The post talks about recent cases of indeterminate gender that have become news stories and the subject of public discussion about gender classification. The post includes references to a 2007 talk at The Kinsey Institute by Professor Alice Dreger on the history and politics of intersex.

Research and Creative Activity Magazine, Fall 2009. "Under the influence."
A profile of KI researcher, Dr. Heather Rupp, and her recent studies involving hormonal influence on human sexual activity and decision-makiing. (PDF), September 29, 2009. "How living conditions affect reproductive health."
A discussion of study results from Dr. Virginia Vitzthum's research in rural Bolivian communities. The studies were released in the American Journal of Human Biology., September 28, 2009. "Orgasms, Sexual Health And Attitudes About Female Genitals."
A brief report on Dr. Herbenick's study on women's attitude to female genitalia.

United Press International (UPI), September 29, 2009. "Orgasm linked to genitalia attitudes."
A brief review of recent research about women's attitudes towards female genitalia by Dr. Debby Herbenick, from the Centre for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University, and KI Affiliated Faculty, as well as the contributing Sexual Health Educator for Kinsey Confidential and, September 28, 2009. "Studies examine how living conditions impact reproductive health."
The article highlights the findings of several recent studies by KI Researcher Dr. Virginia Vitzthum regarding environmental stress factors and their effects on human conception and successful prenancy rates in rural Bolivian populations. The studies were originally published in the April 2009 edition of the American Journal of Human Biology. EurekaAlert! is a news service published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and this article was disseminated in various scientific newspapers, blogs, and news services.

Newsweek, September 27, 2009. "The Pursuit of Sexual Happiness."
A review of the new book, "Why Women Have Sex." The article interviews several sex researchers about the reasons women have sex. KI Director Dr. Julia Heiman is briefly quoted., July 13, 2009. "Kinsey Institute studies condom use."
A short factual article reporting on Drs. Janssen & Sanders' condom study, with no commentary., July 2, 2009. "Don't stop 'til you can get enough."
A discussion of the recent NIH grant for the Kinsey Institute condom study, with discussion of possible causes for lack or condom use, groups of men at risk, and possible outcomes of the study.

CBS News, July 1, 2009. "What Is Sex? Americans Can't Agree."
A reprint of the July 1, 2009 Associated Press article under a different headline., July 1, 2009. "Americans Not Explicit When Defining What Sex Is."
A reprint of the July 1, 2009 Associated Press article.

Huffington Post, July 1, 2009. "Americans Not Explicit When Defining What Sex Is."
A reprint of the July 1, 2009 Associated Press article.

ABC News, July 1, 2009. "Americans Not Explicit When Defining What Sex Is."
A reprint of the July 1, 2009 Associated Press article.

Associated Press, July 1, 2009. "Americans not explicit when defining what sex is."
KI researcher Dr. Erick Janssen is extensively quoted in an article discussing the diversity of American definitions of what constitutes sex.

ABC News, June 20, 2009. "Why Are Condoms Disliked by So Many Men?"
The story examines the Kinsey Institute condom study recently approved by the NIH. The original article title was "Govt. Funds Study on Why Guys Hate Condoms." The headline and article were edited after publication when the reporter contacted Drs. Janssen and Sanders for commentary., June 19, 2009. "NIH Funds $423,500 Study of Why Men Don't Like to Use Condoms."
FOX News reported on several upcoming sex research projects funded by NIH, and suggested they are wasteful or unnecessary, including an upcoming study by Kinsey Institute researchers Dr. Erick Janssen and Dr. Stephanie Sanders. FOX News edited the story after publication to include comments and information from Dr. Janssen. This news story was picked up and commented on by a number of internet bloggers.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, June 16, 2009. "Spousal violence linked to HIV disease."
KI Director Dr. Julia Heiman offered commentary on a new study linking revealing women who experienced sexual or physical abuse from a domestic partner were roughly three times more likely to have an HIV infection than women who did not suffer abuse.

Asian News International (ANI), June 5, 2009. "Is Sex Addiction Really an Addiction?"
Dr. Erick Janssen is quoted in an article on the news treatment of the issue of sex 'addiction,' with reference to the CBS News story (see below). ANI is a news wire service. This story was syndicated in numerous Asian newspapers, websites, and news blogs, including ThaiIndian News, Sindh Today, and

CBS, June 4, 2009. "Sex Addiction: Is It Really An Addiction?"
Dr. Jon Pook examines the controversy over sex addiction, with comments from Dr. Erick Janssen of The Kinsey Institute. The text story is accompanied by video interviews with sexologists, and patients., May 28, 2009. "Sexual Partner Status Affects A Woman's, But Not A Man's, Interest In The Opposite Sex."
A report on a new study headed by KI researcher Dr. Heather Rupp which compared how men and women rated images of faces of the opposite sex, based on whether they had a steady sexual partner or not. Women with no sexual partner looked at the images for longer periods of time than women with steady partners did, although the subjective ratings the women gave for attractiveness and masculinity were not very different between the groups. By contrast, men with sexual partners and men without sexual partners responded to images of women's faces very similarly., May 28, 2009. "Picturing sex: Kinsey explores what turns us on."
A review of the Kinsey Institute 2009 Juried Art Show by author Brian Alexander.

Science Daily, May 25, 2009. "Abusive Relationships Increase Women's Risk of HIV Infection."
Dr. Julia Heiman comments on a new study of nearly 14,000 US women which revealed a rate of HIV infection in women who had experienced intimate partner violence that was three times higher than women who had not experienced violence.

Chicago Sun-Times, May 24, 2009. "Brown County State Park: A county treat for all ages."
In a travel review of Brown County State Park, near Bloomington, The Kinsey Institute is mentioned as an additional nearby attraction to visit.

New York Times, Arts Review, May 22, 2009. "Seafarer's Memoirs, Written on Skin."
A review of the art exhibit "Skin & Bones" at the Independence Seaport Museum in Philadelphia, presenting a history and survey of tattoo art. The article comments on one of the pieces appearing in the exhibit on loan from The Kinsey Institute., April 23, 2009. "Why women are leaving men for other women."
A truncated version of the article appearing in the April edition of O, The Oprah Magazine.

USA Today, April 19, 2009. "What compels female molesters remains largely a mystery."
Former KI Director Dr. John Bancroft comments on the motivations claimed by female sex molesters.

New York Times, April 19, 2009. "Recklessly Seeking Sex on Craigslist."
KI researcher Erick Janssen comments on the attraction for some people of anonymity in sexual encounters in an article about the evolution of the "Casual Encounters" section of Craigslist, a very popular online classified ad website.

O, the Oprah Magazine, April 2009. "Why Women Are Leaving Men for Other Women."
A companion article to the March 25th TV episode on the fluidity of female sexuality. Includes reference to the heterosexuality - homosexuality rating scale.

Oprah, March 25, 2009. "Women Leaving Men for Other Women."
An episode discussing women, bisexuality, and ambiguous sexuality, included a brief discussion of the Heterosexuality - Homosexuality Rating Scale, or "Kinsey scale." A link to the Kinsey Institute website was added to the website version of the episode., March 16, 2009. "What women don't want: Women are just as turned off by condoms as men."
The article discusses the findings of the Kinsey Institute's Condom Research team regarding women's attitudes towards condom use, with comments from Dr. Robin Milhausen, a Kinsey Institute Research Fellow.

The Canadian Press, March 5, 2009. "Advent of ED drugs 'transformative' for seniors sex but issues remain: experts."
On the 10th anniversary of Viagra's introduction in Canada, the article examines the positive and negative impacts the drug has had on senior men and women. KI Director Julia Heiman comments on the importance of context and the variability among couples when evaluting its effectiveness. This news story was distributed to several Canadian newspapers., February 26, 2009. "FOXSexpert: 10 Sex Findings You Won't Believe."
The article referes to the findings of a study co-authored by KI researchers Drs. Stephanie Sanders and Cynthia Graham that women who use a hormonal contraceptive plus condoms report higher overall sexual satisfaction., February 25, 2009. "My fiancé put hot sauce in his used condoms."
KI Communications Director Jennifer Bass commented in this story about the effects of putting hot sauce in condoms. In addition to inflicting pain in vaginal tissue, Ms. Bass suggested the practice could "cause permanent damage to the relationship.", February 16, 2009. "Facial Attraction."
Kinsey Institute researcher Dr. Heather Rupp, and Dr. Thomas James of Indiana University discuss how their research helps explain how hormones may influence mate choice in woman. The story is accompanied by streaming video.

New York Times Magazine, January 22, 2009. "What Do Women Want?"
KI Director Dr. Julia Heiman was quoted extensively in this feature article. She discussed the history of research into women and desire, as well as raising the question of whether science can ever accurately quantify the entirety of female desire and arousal.

Playboy Magazine, January 2009. "55 Most Important People in Sex."
Playboy Magazine included Alfred Kinsey as one of the "55 most important people in sex" in their 55th anniversary edition., November 19, 2008. "A Risk Worth Taking ."
Quotes from KI Research Fellow Dr. Heather Rupp on her recent study of factors involved in women's mate choices are included in an article on risk-taking.

Philadelphia Inquirer, November 18, 2008. "Study: Sex scientists fear family-values scrutiny."
The article highlights a study examining the long-term changes to behavior and language used by scientists conducting sex research following a political effort in 2003 to have some sex research grants eliminated. KI Scientist Dr. Erick Janssen, one of the researchers whose work was jeopardized in the original controversy, comments in the article.

The Times, November 15, 2008. "Why a woman's love is a risky business - breakthroughs, tips and trends: November 15th."
The article begins with a short description and explanation of a recent study on hormonal factors influencing women's mate choices headed by KI Researcher Dr. Heather Rupp.

United Press Intl, November 12, 2008. "Brain activity linked to menstrual changes."
A brief explanation of the findings of a new study headed by KI researcher Dr. Heather Rupp which uses brain imaging to evaluate how hormonal and psycho-sexual factors affect women's choices of potential mates, and to track changes across phases of the menstrual cycle.

LA Times, November 6, 2008. "Testosterone makes women friskier -- but should it be prescribed?"
The article discusses a study reported in the current issue of New England Journal of Medicine on testosterone treatments for women suffering from low libido, with comments from KI Director Julia Heiman.

The Boston Globe, November 5, 2008. "Testing Women's Low Libido."
The article discusses two recent studies released regarding women, the effects of low libido in their personal satisfaction, and the efficacy of experimental treatments. KI Director, Dr. Julia Heiman, co-director of one study, comments on the meaningful impact of testosterone patches while advising caution associated with possible health risks.

Irish Times, September 9, 2008. "The simple truth about Jack the Lad."
The article summarizes the main findings of the recent masculinity study co-authored by KI Director, Dr. Julia Heiman, and ponders ramifications for Irish concepts of masculinity. reporter summarizes findings of new masculinity study, August 29, 2008. "News flash: Masculinity is about more than sex."
Video reporter Tracy Clark-Flory summarizes findings of the recent masculinity study co-authored by KI Director, Dr. Julia Heiman.
The video is available for viewing at or at

Ottawa Citizen, August 28, 2008. "Men want to be seen as honourable, not as studs: study. Men's stereotypes take a beating."
A presentation of the major findings of the masculinity study co-authored by KI Director Julia Heiman, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

National Post, August 28, 2008. "A man's man: Honourable, not studly."
A presentation of the major findings of the masculinity study co-authored by KI Director Julia Heiman, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Vancouver Sun, August 28, 2008. "Male ideal of a 'man's man' no stud after all, study finds."
A presentation of the major findings of the masculinity study co-authored by KI Director Julia Heiman, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. News Service, August 27, 2008. "Honour before hot sex, men reveal in survey."
The article presents the findings of a new study regarding men's definitions of masculinity. KI Director Dr. Julia Heiman is a contributing author to the study which was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

LA Times, July 23, 2008. "Viagra helpful to women on antidepressants, study finds."
The article describes the findings of the recent study in the context of earlier research on women and Viagra, and includes commentary by several medical researchers, including KI Director Dr. Julia Heiman.

National Public Radio (NPR), July 23, 2008. "Study on Viagra for Depressed Women Scrutinized."
KI Director Dr. Julia Heiman comments on the results of a recent study testing sildenafil on women suffering sexual dysfunction from anti-depressants. The story also includes an examination of criticism of the study and it's significance. The report can be heard on the NPR website >>, July 23, 2008. "Viagra and Women - Health Issues Investigated."
A discussion of the results of a study of the effects of sildenafil (Viagra) on women experiencing sexual dysfunction associated with anti-depressants. The article also examines the causes of sexual dysfunction, a brief history of Viagra, and includes comments from Dr. Julia Heiman, one of the study co-authors., July 22, 2008. "Viagra and Women."
The article describes the procedure and explains the findings of a study of the effects of sildenafil (Viagra) on women experiencing sexual dysfunction associated with anti-depressants, co-authored by KI Director Dr. Julia Heiman.

USA Today, July 22, 2008. "Study: Viagra may help women on antidepressants."
The article includes comments by Dr. Jan Schifren of Harvard Medical School, and KI Director Dr. Julia Heiman, who co-authored the study.

Ms. Magazine, July 22, 2008. "Feminist Wire Newsbriefs: Study Reports on Viagra for Women."
A brief summary of the results of a Viagra study on women undergoing treatment with anti-depressants, co-authored by Kinsey Director, Dr. Julia Heiman., July 1, 2008. "Not just good, but good for you."
The article presents five health benefits associated with sexual activity. KI Communications Director Jennifer Bass is quoted regarding orgasm and relaxation., June 29, 2008. "A Sexual Evolution?"
Reporter Scott Stiffler muses on current and future trends in American sexuality, including sex mores, gender identity, marriage, and sex education, with comments from various sexuality research sources, including Jennifer Bass, Director of Communications at The Kinsey.

Newsweek, June 16, 2008. "It's Hotter Away from Home."
An article on sexual activity on vacations refers to the dual-control model of sexuality developed at The Kinsey Institute, as well as comments from Dr. Erick Janssen.

One India, April 15, 2008. "Men are different when it comes to lovemaking."
The article reports at length the results of a Kinsey Institute study which elicited responses from focus groups of men on their sexual experiences. KI Scientist Dr. Erick Janssen also comments.

Dr. Julia Heiman appears on Charlie Rose show Charlie Rose Show, PBS, November 20, 2007. "Science Series: Human Sexuality."
Kinsey Institute Director Dr. Julia Heiman appeared as a panel guest on the eleventh episode of The Charlie Rose Science Series, exploring human sexuality.

The video is available for viewing at

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