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James W. Edwards Bibliography

Edwards, James W. The Anthropometry, Distribution, and Significance of Penis Size. (1981)

Edwards, James W. Change in Sexual Mores in China 1860-1940 as Related to Change in Family and Marital Structures and A Cursory Analysis of Its Relation to Directed Change in China 1949-1965. (1973)

Edwards, James W. Chinese Sexual Diseases: Culture-Bound Disorders or a Challenge to Western Sexual Medicine.

Edwards, James W. Folk Surgery to the Genitals in Southeast Asia.

Edwards, James W. Genital Retraction Syndromes in Cross-Cultural and Biomedical Perspectives: A Preliminary View.

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Edwards, James W. Mail-Order “Sex Pills” in the United States.

Edwards, James W. The Penis Inserts of Southeast Asia: A Bibliography, Overview, and Comparative Perspective.

Edwards, James W. Perspectives on Sexuality in China: A Critical Re-Analysis. (1974)

Edwards, James W. A Proposal for the Development and Evaluation of a Course in VD Education and Control for Students in the Tulane SPHTM.

Edwards, James W. Prostitution and Population Dynamics in Peking, 1912-1950. (1993)

Edwards, James W. Recent Sex Surveys: Comparisons across Cultures. (1995)

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Edwards, James W. Semen Anxiety in South Asian Cultures: Cultural and Transcultural Significance.

Edwards, James W. Indigenous Koro, A Genital Retraction Syndrome of Insular Southeast Asia: A Critical Review. (1984)

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Edwards, James W. The Study and Conduct of Homosexual Behavior in China, 1800-1949.

Edwards, James W. The Study of Chinese Homosexual Behavior.

Edwards, James W. "Limp, Useless Manhood Rises Firm and Proud Again!": Mail Order Sex Tonics, Pills and Sundry Implements. (1984)

Edwards, James W. Untitled- Anthropology Final Exam. (1982)

Edwards, James W. Untitled- Introduction to Sociology & Cultural Anthropology. (1980)

Edwards, James W. Untitled Manuscript about Menarche.

Edwards, James W. Untitled Manuscript about Prostitution and Venereal Disease in China.

Edwards, James W. What We Really Know About Masturbation. (1996)

--Thanks to Ronald Nigro and the family of James Edwards for their generous contributions.


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