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What is KICAT?

KICAT is an online catalog of the Institute's collections; it covers historical and contemporary sex research literature. The catalog also includes rare books, sex magazines, manuscripts and papers, conference proceedings, pulp fiction, erotic pamphlets, newsletters and vertical files, sound recordings, films, videos and DVDs of sexual contents.

How are records in KICAT organized?

Many of the collection holdings are described by an in-house developed subject headings and organized by a modified Dewey Decimal classification system. Users can use standard search terms or simply use keyword searches. Please contact the User Services for further assistance for special collections such as photography, art, archives and films.

What can I find in KICAT?

In KICAT, you can find print and audiovisual materials that document sexual behaviors, sexual customs and sexual knowledge in English, German, French, and many other languages. KICAT also includes:

  • Monographs and Rare Books
  • Periodicals and Newspapers
  • Conference Proceedings, Journal Articles, and Unpublished Papers
  • Sound recordings, Film Reels, VHS Tapes and DVDs

I can't find what I'm looking for.

KICAT does not yet include all materials in the library. If you've searched through KICAT and can't find what you're looking for, please contact User Services.

I've found something in KICAT. How can I get to it?

Since the library is a private organization, use of its materials is restricted. For information about who can use the library, please read our guide to Using the Library.

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