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Publication and Reproduction Rights Policy

The Institute may provide duplicates of materials under “fair use” for personal study, reference, and research purposes. This policy applies to inquiries by any person or entity (hereafter the “applicant”) about permission to use any work or authorship (hereafter the “work”) under the control of the Institute or copyrighted by the Institute for the purpose of reproducing and distributing copies (hereafter “publish”) of the work for display, presentation, publication, or broadcast. The Institute grants permission to publish for scholarly or educational purposes. Permissions may not be reused, transferred, assigned or otherwise disposed of.

Request: Applicant must submit in writing separate requests to use each work the applicant desires to publish. The request must include all of the information sought on the Application to Publish. The Institute will respond with its Copyright Permission Agreement (governing publication of works in which the Institute holds copyright) and/or its Agreement for Use of Kinsey Institute Materials (governing reproduction use of materials owned by the Institute), and an invoice for any fees.

Copyright: The applicant is responsible for obtaining all copyright permissions for use of the work from the copyright owners. The responsibility for researching outside copyright(s) falls to the applicant. The Institute assumes no responsibility for infringement of copyrights held by others. Before the work or reproductions of the work are provided for publication, the applicant must provide satisfactory proof of permission from copyright owners. For works whose copyright is held by the Institute, the applicant must apply to Library and Special Collections User Services at the Institute for copyright permission.

Confidentiality: The source(s) from which the Institute received the work shall not be revealed by the applicant.

Credit: Full and accurate citation of the original source must be made, including credit to the book, the author(s), the editor or translator, The Kinsey Institute, and the Institute’s photographer, William Dellenback. The credit should include the Institute’s full name, “The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction.” For reproduction in a broadcast of any sort, the credit line must appear in the program credits. References to the Institute outside of copyright or credit line is prohibited except with permission. Incorrect credit lines must be corrected in subsequent editions.

Indemnity: It is the applicant’s responsibility to decide the propriety of use made of the work, and publication is at the applicant’s discretion. The applicant must agree to hold The Kinsey Institute harmless and indemnify it and its employees from any claim arising out of the publication of the work. Such agreement may be required in writing from both the applicant and the publisher.

Fees: Prepayment is required. Fees are based solely on the specific application and not on previous applications. Failure to pay means that permission has not been granted. A waiver of this condition could be considered.

Other: The work may not be further reproduced, loaned, displayed, sold, or transferred to any other organization or individual by the applicant without prior permission of the Institute. All copies of the work remain the property of the Institute and must be returned to the Institute. One copy of the product reproducing work from the Institute collections must be deposited to The Kinsey Institute Library. Specific conditions set forth in agreements/contracts with the Institute regarding use of the work supersede the terms in this policy. Permissions and fees are for one-time use and are valid for 2 years. If the product has not appeared at the end of that time, permission must be requested again. The Institute must be notified of first publication, or, in the case of film or other electronic media production, first broadcast or release. Electronic/digital reproduction is subject to additional conditions and requires special permission.

A breach of this policy by the applicant will result in revocation of permission. The Institute reserves the right to seek remedies and/or damages. The Institute may, at its sole discretion, deny applicant’s request on any grounds.

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Updated August 2011


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