Former Director Dr. Paul Gebhard Celebrates His 90th Birthday

Dr. Gebhard's early career in photos from The Kinsey Institute Archives.

Dr. Paul H. Gebhard came to the Department of Anthropology at Indiana University in 1947 as a young academic, fresh from his Ph.D. at Harvard University. He joined Alfred Kinsey's research team, and was directly involved in conducting many of those thousands of interviews. After Alfred Kinsey's death in 1956, Dr. Gebhard succeeded him as Director of the Institute for Sex Research, a position he held until 1982. He continues today to aid Kinsey Institute staff in the transcription of original Kinsey Institute data sets. (See newsletter article on prison data sets, and publications from Dr. Gebhard's tenure as director.)

This summer, The Kinsey Institute staff and researchers were delighted to invite Dr. Gebhard to an informal luncheon at the Institute celebrating his 90th birthday.

KI staff and family celebrate Dr. Gebhard's 90th birthday in July



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