Erick Janssen Publishes The Psychophysiology of Sex

Erick Janssen presents papers and essays on the psychophysiology of sex representing the cutting edge of sexual psychophysiology, from the methods themselves to how these methods can help improve our understanding of sexual aggression, sexual dysfunction, sexual orientation, sexual compulsivity or 'addiction', and the basics of sexual arousal and desire.

Kinsey Institute researcher Dr. Erick Janssen, editor of The Psychophysiology of Sex, a new collection of papers and articles, and the newest volume in the Kinsey Institute Series from IU Press.

Contributors include John Bancroft, J. Michael Bailey, David H. Barlow, Stephanie Both, Andrea Bradford, Klynt Brummett, Meredith Chivers, Michael S. Exton, Walter Everaerd, James H. Geer, Noel Gendrano III, Julia R. Heiman, Jason L. Hicks, Heather Hoffmann, Erick Janssen, Tillmann Krüger, Ellen Laan, Roy J. Levin, Kenneth R. Maravilla, Cindy M. Meston, Harold Mouras, James Pfaus, Raymond Rosen, David L. Rowland, Lisa A. Scepkowski, Manfred Schedlowski, Michael Seto, Marca L. Sipski, Serge Stoleru, Donald S. Strassberg, Wendy Tai, and Markus Wiegel.

For table of contents and ordering information, see IU Press Catalogue.

Janssen, E. (Ed). (2007). The Psychophysiology of Sex. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press.

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