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Fall Events and Visitors at The Kinsey Institute

Noted Anthropologist Helen Fisher Lectures for the IU Themester

Helen Fisher, research professor of anthropology at Rutgers University and chief scientific advisor to Match.com, spoke to a full house at Whittenberger Auditorium in October on Lust, Romance, Attachment: The drive to love and who we choose. Her talk was co-sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences' Themester at IU in support of this year's theme, Connectedness: Networks in a Complex World, and by a number of departments and programs at IU.

Dr. Fisher has been appointed a Senior Research Fellow at The Kinsey Institute and is contributing her archives to the Kinsey library.

Justin Garcia, Brandon Hill, Erick Janssen, Helen Fisher, Jennifer Bass and Stephanie Sanders

Michael Rosen lecture series features Photographer Barbara Nitke

Barbara Nitke, author of "American Ecstasy: A Photographic Look Behind the Scenes of the Golden Age of Porn," and a featured artist in the fall gallery show, "Past/Present," spoke about her projects photographing porn film actors behind the scenes (1980's) and her more current work on BDSM communities.

Along with her lecture on October 10 at Indiana University, Ms. Nitke and Kinsey Curator Catherine Johnson-Roehr were guests at the Bloomington Sex Salon, hosted by Kinsey Confidential Sex Educator and Affiliated Researcher Dr. Debby Herbenick.

Catherine Johnson-Roehr and Barbara Nitke talk with Debby Herbenick at Bloomington Sex Salon. Photo by Lin Fa

Kinsey Researchers Present at IU's Sexploration Month Events

KI Scientist Justin Garcia encourages the audience
to compare themselves to data on hooking up.
KI Research Fellow Kristen Jozkowski has students 'text'
their own responses while presenting recent results.

Dennis McFadden Gives Sexploration Week Lecture

Dr. Dennis McFadden, Ashbel Smith Professor Emeritus in Experimental Psychology at the University of Texas, joined us at The Institute on October 1st to answer the question. "What Do Twins, Hyenas, ADHD, and Sexual Orientation Have in Common?"

Visitor Lloyd Englebrecht Recalls a Kinsey Lecture

Kinsey Institute visitor Lloyd Engelbrecht was a student at the University of California - Berkeley in the late 1940s. He was one of the thousands of students who attended Dr. Alfred Kinsey's lecture in 1949 at the Fieldhouse, captured in a photograph displayed on our walls.

HIV-Prevention Expert William Darrow Visits the Institute

Professor of Health Promotion and Prevention at Florida International University and former CDC researcher Dr. Bill Darrow presented a 2013 Themester lecture on "The AIDS Epidemic: What Went Wrong, When, and Why" in September, and visited with Kinsey Institute researchers and affiliated faculty.

Dr. Darrow was featured in Randy Shilt's book and film, And the Band Played On, for his role in uncovering HIV/AIDS transmission.

Dr. Bill Darrow (right) and KI research fellow Dr. Bill Yarber share research interests in HIV prevention.


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