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Kinsey Institute in the News

Research conducted at The Kinsey Institute makes its way into mainstream journalism as well as into scientific journals. This year, articles on vacation sex (Newsweek, June 16, 2008. "It's Hotter Away from Home."), a controversial G-spot medical procedure (ABC news, February 20, 2008. "G-Shot Parties: A Better Shot At Sex?") and the science of the orgasm (LA Times, February 11, 2008. "The Science of the Orgasm") have all drawn on interviews with staff at the Institute.

Most popular in the press this year has been Erick Janssen's focus group study, which counters some myths about men as always easily aroused and ready for sex. (Reuters, May 1, 2008, "Turn-ons, turn-offs, desire varies widely among men.") This study actually revealed wide variability among the men, who reported mood, self-confidence, feelings of emotional connection, and other factors as important to sexual arousal. Published in Archives of Sexual Behavior in April 2008, this research provides a more nuanced view of male sexuality.

"There's huge variability among men in how easily they're turned on or turned off, how easily they experience sexual desire and arousal," Janssen explains in the article. He adds: "The differences among men and the differences among women are much larger than the average difference between the sexes in almost anything sexual."

In addition to the release of new research, social and political events also stimulate media interest in the Institute. In a New York Magazine feature article, Philip Weiss reports on a trip to The Kinsey Institute, part of his own personal quest to understand men's desire and infidelity ("The Affairs of Men: the trouble with sex and marriage," May 18, 2008.) In the wake of the former NY Governor Eliot Spitzer's resignation following a prostitution scandal, the author interviewed Dr. Janssen and others on staff, asking whether there is too much sexual pressure on marriage in the US, and questioning monogamy as a norm. The article also describes a Kinsey Institute seminar by visiting scholar Sven-Axel Mansson on the subject of prostitution. The article author Philip Weiss was subsequently interviewed on "The Colbert Report" (read about the interview in the Kinsey Confidential blog).

These and other articles and press releases are available at The Kinsey Institute website.


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