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Juried Art Show Report

The Kinsey Institute's Juried Art Show began in 2006 to offer artists a unique venue to exhibit artwork addressing issues of sexuality, gender, and reproduction. The show has grown in size and stature each year. This year, the 6th Annual Juried Art Show drew 775 submissions from 354 artists in 36 states and nine countries. Jurors Betsy Stirratt, director of the SoFA Gallery, Garry Milius, Associate Curator at the Kinsey Institute Gallery, and Christopher Bedford, of Ohio State University, made a final selection of 130 pieces for exhibition.

Artwork and interviews with artists at the 2011 Juried Art Show Opening Reception.

This year, exhibited artworks displayed a variety of unconventional materials including cast urethane forms, china plates, and textiles, in addition to more traditional media, such as photographs, prints, sculpted wood and stone, and video.

The opening night reception was well-attended, with many of the show artists in attendance. You can hear some of them discuss their works in our Opening Night Video (at right).

Comparing the tone of this year's Juried Art Show to previous years, juror Garry Milius remarked that "I think [this year's show] is a little more light-hearted than last year. I think there are a lot of pieces that are more fun, and a bit more comical."

Niki Grangruth and James Kinser; Olympia (After Manet), 2009; Archival digital print. Winner of Best in Show.

Each year, two artworks are selected for awards, given out on opening night.

This year, "Olympia (After Manet)" was chosen Best in Show by jurors Betsy Stirratt, Garry Milius, and Christopher Bedford (shown at left).

Opening night attendees were invited to cast their vote for Gallery Visitors' Choice, awarding it to "Obscenity" by Hashim Hathaway (shown below).

The award winning artpieces were featured in an NPR news story about the Juried Art Show: "For the Pleasure of Looking" by Yaël Ksander, available on the NPR website.

The Juried Art Show was also featured in an Indianapolis news weekly, Nuvo, in their edition on sex in Indiana. The newsweekly decided to illustrate another article in that issue with one of the Juried Art Show pieces by photographer David Deaubry, Mr. Nude North America (a male nude), sparking local controversy and discussion, and bringing more statewide attention to the show.

Hashim Hathaway; Obscenity, 2010; Photography/digital manipulation.
Winner of the Gallery Visitors' Choice.

To find more information and see images of all the artworks from this year's Juried Art Show, please visit the exhibit webpage »


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