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Anonymous photographer, France Woman in undergarment, c.1920 Photograph in postcard format.

Vol 18, No 3

Honoring Alex Doty

Graduate students Betsy Jose and Russell Sheaffer honor their mentor with special contributions to The Kinsey Institute Archives.

Tierney Lorenz Receives Awards

Dr. Lorenz acknowledged for her work on sexual behavior and the immune response.

In the Kinsey Gallery This Fall

The Taste of Seduction, and Undress Me: A Peek at 19th and 20th Century Undergarments.

Mapplethorpe Show Opens October 10

Contribute to archival framing for this show through Adopt-a-Work-of-Art.

Sexual Assault Prevention Research Project

Kinsey researcher Dr. Justin Garcia co-leads new project at IU to address sexual assaults on campus.

John Money Fellow: Liam Lair

Tracing 20th-century formulations of transgender.

Welcome Dr. Amanda Gesselman

Postdoctoral fellow brings special skills in researching the 'romantic couple.'

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