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Dr. Kenneth Haslam Establishes Collection on Polyamory

The Kinsey Institute announces a new collection of materials on polyamory, based on a donation by Kenneth Haslam, MD. This collection includes magazines, articles, books and personal accounts related to the polyamory community. The Institute welcomes donations to this collection from contributors worldwide.

“Polyamory is sometimes referred to as ‘consensual non-monogamy’,” explained Haslam during a visit to the Institute in February 2006. “It is generally defined as the practice of being open to more than one loving, intimate relationship at a time, with the full knowledge and consent of all partners involved.”

While people from many cultures and historical time periods have practiced variations on the theme of multiple amorous relationships, the use of this term has a fairly recent history.

Stephanie Sanders, Julia Heiman and Liana Zhou meet with Ken Haslam at the KI

“We anticipate that scholars interested in studying contemporary sexuality and relationships will find this new collection a unique resource,” says Kinsey Institute head of library Liana Zhou. “Dr. Haslam has provided us with a good start for a unique addition to our library.”

The Institute privately owns the Kinsey Institute’s research collections, with all new additions acquired by donation or private funding. Donor gifts, both financial and material, are vital to the growth of the collections.

For information about making a donation or regarding the use of the polyamory collection, please contact Liana Zhou, zhoul@indiana.edu.

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