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University Consortium for Sexuality Research and Training (UCSRT) Links Researchers through New Website

The Kinsey Institute is pleased to note that Dialogues, the official website of the University Consortium for Sexuality Research and Training (UCSRT), is now up and running! Dialogues is a free online tool to advance communication, collaboration, and connection in the field of sexuality research and training. It offers working groups, discussion forums, mentorship, job and fellowship listings, researcher profiles and other networking and collaborative resources to scholars in the field of sexuality research.

Members of Dialogues enter their professional and academic information and are able to control who can see it within the Dialogues system. "This is a place where researchers can learn about each other's work, interact, and offer support and collaboration, even across very great distances," explains Praveen Basaviah, the site administrator.

The Dialogues site uses state-of-the-art social networking and content management software to enable research blogs, working groups, personal web pages, discussions, and links to diverse and relevant resources. Participants can use the site to manage multi-site projects, creating communities of practice with their choice of limited or complete privacy.

"On the mentorship section of the site, members will have unique access to specialists in various fields. We also post listings of funding and job opportunities. The site is built on the Web 2.0 philosophy that users have ownership over the site's content and activity, and we expect this to result in unexpected connections and collaborations among a more visible and influential community of scholars."

The University Consortium for Sexuality Research and Training is a newly formed endeavor focused on advancing the field of sexuality and disseminating its findings across diverse constituencies. Join Dialogues at www.ucsrt.org.

For questions about the project, please contact Praveen Basaviah, UCSRT Project Coordinator, at: ucsrt@sfsu.edu, 415-437-5120.

UCSRT is administered by the National Sexuality Resource Center (NSRC), in consultation with The Kinsey Institute, and under advisement of the UCSRT Steering Committee.

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