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On-Line Survey Examines Hysterectomy and Sexual Functioning

The Kinsey Institute announces an on-line survey on hysterectomy and sexual function. "The purpose of this study is to measure women's sexual functioning and satisfaction following hysterectomy," says Dr. ZoŽ Peterson, clinical research post-doctoral fellow at the Institute and primary investigator of the study. "While millions of women have undergone various types of hysterectomy - as treatment for conditions as varied as cancer, uterine hemorrhage, and sexual reassignment surgery - there has not been much systematic research concerning hysterectomy outcomes and sexual function."

Voluntary participants over the age of 18 may complete an on-line series of questionnaires concerning their demographic information, hysterectomy procedure, mood and sexual experiences. The on-line survey supplements data collected from 20 women who have had elective hysterectomies and who participated in a series of questionnaires and interviews to assess their sexual functioning, their relationship status, and their life satisfaction.

"The on-line survey is strictly anonymous, and takes about 45 minutes to complete," Peterson explains. "Participants are asked to think about and evaluate their own sexual and relationship functioning, something many people find beneficial. Additionally, by participating in this study, they will help us better understand women's sexual functioning following hysterectomies. Their input will contribute to the development of questionnaires for future studies on this topic and potentially to the eventual development of treatments for sexual problems following hysterectomies."

Funding for this study comes from Athena Institute for Women's Wellness. Contact Dr. Peterson at zdpeters(at)indiana(dot)edu.

Click here to participate in our web survey.

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