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Kinsey Institute Hosts Conference on the Future of Sex Research

The Kinsey Institute will serve as host of the inaugural conference of the University Consortium for Sexuality Research and Training (UCSRT), convening April 9-11 on the campus of Indiana University Bloomington. Titled "The Future of Sexuality Research: Methodological to Social Policy Innovations," the conference gives participants an opportunity to examine the current state of sexuality studies while imagining and planning for the future.

The UCSRT conference will consider current sex research methods and their impact on social policy, while encouraging innovation and conversation between and among various disciplines, sites, and specialties. Martha K. McClintock, director of the Institute for Mind and Biology at the University of Chicago, will give the keynote address, on "Pheromones and Sexual Motivation."

"This conference is about envisioning a new way of organizing the field of sexuality studies in the US," says Dr. Gilbert Herdt, director of the National Sexuality Resource Center at San Francisco State University. "UCSRT (University Consortium for Sexuality Research Training) is providing graduate students, professors, and independent scholars with the means of learning more about each others' research, and working together on policy building in such areas as sexuality education. The conference expresses this new leadership and spirit by bringing together some of the best minds in the field."

"We have the opportunity during these few days to hear from a great variety of scholars, representing numerous approaches, backgrounds, and academic languages," says Dr. Julia Heiman, Director of The Kinsey Institute. "We expect this to propel us into new ways of thinking about sexuality studies."

Plenary sessions feature topics from differing perspectives, including "Sexual Citizenship and Health Policy" with Richard Parker, Antony Stately, and Debra Haffner; "Sexual Identities" with Rafael Diaz, Walter Bockting, and Dean Hamer; and "Divergent Methodologies" with William George, Deborah Tolman, Steve Seidman, and Janet Hyde. Other sessions include racial politics, global considerations, developing sexualities and youth culture.

Anyone may register for the conference at www.kinseyinstitute.org/ucsrt.

The UCSRT is a consortium of academic institutions involved in sex research, whose goals are to connect researchers and educators to promote the development of training and research in sexuality across disciplines and fields. The conference is supported by the Ford Foundation.

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