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SSSS in Bloomington

In November, the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality held its 50th annual meeting in Indianapolis, co-sponsored by The Kinsey Institute. Kinsey daughters Anne Call and Joan Reid shared stories of life in the Kinsey household, and the great contributions of their parents to science. Dr. Bill Yarber introduced the women, who spoke to an appreciative audience of conference participants. Kinsey Institute Associate Director Dr. Stephanie Sanders was awarded the Distinguished Scientist 2007 Award at the conference for her continued contributions to the field of sex research.

Kinsey Institute events during the conference included a special showing of Expressive Bodies: Contemporary Art Photography from the Collection of the Kinsey Institute at the Herron Gallery, and private tours of the Institute, which brought over 180 conference attendees from Indianapolis to Bloomington.

You can view images from the weekend events in our slideshow below, or watch the larger online version.



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