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New Biography of Alfred Kinsey Published in China

Liana Zhou, head of the library at The Kinsey Institute, is the co-author of the first book written in the Chinese language on Alfred Kinsey. Kinsey, The Man Who Has Changed the World, was published in China in the fall of 2007.

"The focus of the book is on Kinsey as a scientist who pioneered and help created a field — sex research — that now allows us to study human sexuality within the confines of science rather than only through the lens of religion or social morality," Zhou explained. She wrote the book with her husband, Wen Huang.

The authors drew on published works in The Kinsey Institute library, including biographies by Wardell Pomeroy and Cornelia Christenson (who both worked with Alfred Kinsey), images from The Kinsey Institute archive, and Kinsey's own publications and writings. It includes a chapter on how Kinsey looked to the East for a more comprehensive understanding of human sexual behavior.

The Institute's former directors — Drs. Gebhard, Reinisch, Sanders, and Bancroft —contributed introductory remarks. Dr. Jennifer Pearson Yamashiro, former curator of art, photography and artifacts at The Kinsey Institute, wrote the preface, "Kinsey in the Scope of Science." An essay by Chinese sex researcher Liu Dalin, founder of the Museum of Ancient Chinese Sexual Culture, is also included.

"This was a very exciting project for us as authors. We were motivated by our admiration for Alfred Kinsey, and by the invitation to introduce his work to a Chinese audience," said Zhou. She is the translator of John Money's Sex Errors of the Body and Related Syndromes, also published by Guangxi Normal University Press, located in Guillin City, China. Another title published by Guangxi is John Bancroft's Human Sexuality and its Problems.

"Kinsey's story demonstrates the far-reaching contribution one individual can make to society," Zhou observed. "Today Alfred Kinsey has an impact even in China."



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