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KI Appoints Dr. Heather Rupp to Assistant Scientist

heather rupp
KI congratulates Dr. Rupp on her new appointment.

The Kinsey Institute is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Heather Rupp as Assistant Scientist. A graduate of Emory University, Dr. Rupp first joined The Kinsey Institute and Indiana University in 2007 as a Research Fellow at The Kinsey Institute and the Center for the Integrative Study of Animal Behavior at IU.

Through her postgraduate career, she investigated the influence of hormones in the brain on sexual behaviour. Her recent research has included an eye-tracking study comparing reactions to visual sexual stimuli in men and women, and a project using fMRI technology to track neural activation in women in response to pictures of men's faces.

Dr. Rupp is currently involved in a new investigation into possible hormonal factors that contribute to the development of postpartum depression in some new mothers. You can read more about it in our newsletter article on new research >>



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