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The Kinsey Institute Mourns the Loss of Joan Kinsey Reid

Joan Kinsey Reid. Photo by Merle Hamburger.

Joan Kinsey Reid passed away on January 14. She was 83.

Joan was the daughter of Alfred and Clara (“Mac”) McMillen Kinsey.  She was born in Bloomington, Indiana, and attended Antioch College. Joan recounted many stories of life in the Kinsey household, such as traveling and camping with her mother and father, and spoke of her parents’ mutual love and respect for each other.

Joan was interviewed many times about growing up in the Kinsey household, and appeared with her sister, Anne Kinsey Call, in a 2005 PBS American Experience documentary, Kinsey.

In November, 2007, Joan and Anne regaled over 300 attendees at the annual meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality with humorous tales and insights into the work and style of her famous father, scientist and sex researcher Alfred Kinsey.

Joan Kinsey Reid (right) appeared on a guest panel at the 2007 Annual Meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality with her sister Anne Kinsey Call, and Kinsey Institute Research Fellow Dr. Bill Yarber. Photo by Merle Hamburger.
The Kinsey family: Joan, Bruce, Mac, Bob Reid, Alfred (Prok), Anne, Warren Corning. Photo by KI staff photographer William Dellenbeck.















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