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This list of articles, books and book chapters represents the work of staff and researchers during their affiliation with the Kinsey Institute. Publications are divided by directors' eras to facilitate browsing through the list. Within eras, publications are listed in reverse chronological order, and alphabetically by lead author.

Downloadable versions are indicated by pdf. Note: some journals may require registration or subscription to view pdf files.

2015 - Present, Sue Carter, Ph.D., Director

2014, Stephanie A. Sanders, Ph.D., Interim Director
2004 - 2013, Julia R. Heiman, Ph.D., Director
1995 - 2004 John Bancroft, M.D., Director
1993 - 1995, Stephanie A. Sanders, Ph.D., Interim Director
1982 - 1993, June M. Reinisch, Ph.D., Director
1956 - 1982, Paul Gebhard, Ph.D., Director
1941 - 1956, Alfred C. Kinsey, Ph.D., Project Director, Institute Director

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1995 - 2004 John Bancroft, M.D., Director


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