date 1955
by Irving Klaw, director
medium Poster

Photographer and mail order blue movie-maker Irving Klaw attempted to break into theatrical distribution with Teaserama (1955), a low budget, nearly plotless film that utilized a single, usually static, camera to capture a series of burlesque performances. The set consisted of a single room, in which Klaw simply changed the drapes and furniture in order to distinguish between different scenes. Segments featured various burlesque entertainers and female impersonators performing dances as well as the occasional comedy skit. Klaw hoped to turn a profit by marketing the talents of well-known burlesque dancer Tempest Storm in the promotional materials. Tempest Storm had previously appeared in the burlesque movie Striptease Girl (1952), another vehicle for many of her routines. Teaserama, however, has become legendary because of the presence of pinup icon Bettie Page, as well as female impersonator Vickie Lynn. Such burlesque films, which contained no nudity, were eventually driven out of the marketplace by the topless nudie film.

The poster emphasizes the novelty of this "new and naughty" film, including the movie’s photography in "beautiful Eastman color," and it features many suggestive photographs of Storm and Page, its two biggest stars.