Bill Condon, writer and director

Photograph by Mark Hanauer, 2004


Bill Condon has steadily developed a reputation as one of the most talented filmmakers currently working in Hollywood.  Condon first received critical raves and an Oscar for Best Screenplay for his film Gods and Monsters, about gay Hollywood director James Whale.  Condon followed up this success with the biopic Kinsey (2004), which was included on many critics’ end-of-the-year best lists.  He also wrote the Oscar-nominated script for the film adaptation of the musical Chicago (2002).  Currently, Condon is reaping the rewards from his newest film, Dreamgirls (2006), which has been nominated for eight Oscars.

“The idea of bisexuality, that everyone is somewhere along that sliding scale, is incredibly threatening today. Even politicians, who can hide behind the idea of a gay identity, don't know what to do with the idea that everyone is something in the middle.”—Bill Condon


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