Unknown director(s)

Bull-Men (year unknown)

Shorts: Hard Rocks (with Will Seagers and Peter Bolt), Behind the Barn (with Dak and Bo Gantry), Timberwolves (with Al Parker), Break Down (with Erron-Leidermeister)

Handmade movie poster


Although movie producers and distributors often created advertising materials for theater venues, sometimes the movie theater itself would create homemade materials, such as movie posters, by placing movie stills, reviews, or other publicity information on cardboard.  This was especially common during the 1970s in gay theaters such as the Vista in Los Angeles. The poster for “Bull-Men,” a collection of four hardcore homosexual male shorts, shows how these films often were selected according to a common theme.  The depictions of genitalia have been selectively blocked out, most likely to avoid complaints from passersby who did not want to be faced with explicit images of gay male sex.


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