Jack Deveau, director

Inches; 1979



Hand in Hand Films was the premier company for gay male adult films in the 1970s.  Director Jack Deveau, who brought aboard such flagship filmmakers as Tom DeSimone and Peter de Rome, founded the company.  Hand in Hand Films specialized in sophisticated adult movies that blended strong stories with intense hardcore action.  Deveau, who was the first individual to successfully create and distribute gay pornography, served as the company’s head for many years.


Inches (1979) is one of Hand in Hand Films’ early offerings, directed by Steve Scott.  The film, in addition to graphic sex scenes, includes a prominent love story plot.  It stars Al Parker and Steve Taylor, two men who were lovers in real life.  The gay publication Pittsburgh Out found Taylor’s sexual performances to be particularly outstanding, stating, “Taylor is a sexual powerhouse as he services the masked men, his broad shoulders complemented by his muscular legs spread wide.”  Also worthy of note is the film’s use of Donna Summers’ song “Hot Stuff” in one sex scene, a tune that has had impressive longevity in the gay community.


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