Joe Gage, director

L.A. Tool and Die; 1979



L.A. Tool and Die (1979) is the third installment of gay porn director Joe Gage’s 1970s road trilogy, which had begun with 1976’s Kansas City Trucking Co and El Paso Wrecking Corp (1977).  The films of this trilogy were very influential in gay male erotica, as they seemed to symbolize the growing gay consciousness of the 1970s, and they inspired many films that followed.  The posters for the films are connected by same advertising style consisting of short, suggestive phrases connected by ellipses. (“The creek… the shack… the high school… the van… the gas station…”).  Such a technique was probably intended to attract fans of the previous film to the more recent film while also cementing the films’ connection as part of a trilogy.  The poster also is sure to emphasize the high technical standards and explosive sexual content of the films, as it notes that the film is “with surround 88, a new experience with audience participation.”


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