Robert Rossen, director; Warren Beatty and Jean Seberg, actors

Lilith (USA; 1964)

Original U.S. half sheet movie poster


Although Lilith’s primary storyline is one of love between a hospital trainee, Vincent (Warren Beatty), and an institutionalized woman, Lilith (Jean Seberg), the plot becomes more complicated with the entrance of Lilith’s girlfriend.  The sight of Lilith with another woman infuriates the jealous Vincent.  The film seems to associate Lilith’s lesbian desire with her mental illness, which only Vincent can control. After catching the two women embracing in a barn, Vincent angrily forces himself upon Lilith, who eventually submits.  Later, she explains to Vincent that she wishes to leave her sexual mark on every living creature.  Lilith’s lesbian girlfriend, no longer a threat, simply disappears from the film. 


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