John Bown, director/Edward Mann, director

Monique (UK; 1969) / Hot Pants Holiday (USA; 1972)

Original U.S. one sheet movie poster


Not widely seen when it was released, the British film Monique celebrated sexual exploration and bisexuality.  In the film, a married couple hires Monique, a French au pair, to help with domestic duties, but the sexy, promiscuous Monique ends up giving more attention to the couple than their child.  The husband is the first person to pair with Monique, but over time, the wife becomes increasingly close to their nubile employee.  In a change from lesbian-themed dramas such as Lilith, however, the lesbian tryst does not threaten the husband’s sexuality.  Instead, he simply accepts the broadening sexual horizons of his wife.


In the United States, Monique was released on the sexploitation circuit, which resulted in posters that emphasized only the films sensual aspects.  In keeping with common sexploitation exhibition practice, the poster for Monique also advertises the less artful sounding Hot Pants Holiday.


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