John Dexter, director

Quiero Lo Que Quiero (aka I Want What I Want); 1972

Spanish Lobby Card


An early cinematic exploration of transgendered issues, the British-produced I Want What I Want tells the story of Roy, the son of a military man, as he transitions into a new life as a woman, Wendy.  Unlike United Artists’ The Christine Jorgensen Story (1970), which used a male actor in its lead role, director John Dexter chose actress Anne Heywood to play the role of Roy/Wendy in I Want What I Want


Although the film is a serious drama, this Spanish lobby card attempts to convey the film’s subject matter in a sexy way.  In addition to stills from the film, the card includes a painting of a shirtless man gazing at his female, scantily clad female image in the mirror.  The text is a first person, tabloid-inspired exclamation, “I don’t want to live the rest of my life as a man… I want what I want … to be a woman.” Cinerama, using the same marketing campaign, distributed the film in the United States.


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