Larry Winters, director; Uta Erickson, actress

Donna and Lisa; 1969


New York City was a very active location for sexploitation films in the 1960s.  One of the most popular figures from the New York scene was Uta Erickson, an actress who starred in films for Michael and Robert Findlay (Kiss of Her Flesh), Doris Wishman (Love Toy), John Amero (Bacchanale), Barry Mahon (Sex Killer), and Joe Sarno (Passion in Hot Hollows).  This Norwegian-descended beauty also starred in Larry Winters’ Donna and Lisa (1969).  The poster for the film, in addition to sexy imagery, hints at the film’s lesbian-themed content with such taglines as “To them love was something different” and “Two women trapped in a man’s world.”  The latter reflects a common theme among so-called “dykesploitation” film tag lines: lesbianism as a safe haven from men’s cruelty.  The third tag line, “Her bondage became her pleasure,” pushes one step further, suggesting that viewers will not only see women making love; they also may witness some harder-edged BDSM scenes.


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