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Virtual tours of the Institute and recent KI gallery exhibits, as well as video coverage of seminars. Mouse-over selections to view titles.

Kinsey Institute 2014 Juried Art Show

(8:15 mins; mp4 video)
A virtual visit to the Kinsey Institute's 9th Annual Juried Art Show, with close-ups of the artwork, interviews with our artists, and the buzz of opening night! 2014 jurors were Betsy Stirratt, Director of the Grunwald Gallery of Art, Catherine Johnson-Roehr, Curator of Art, Artifacts and Photographs at The Kinsey Institute, Jeremy Sweet, Associate Director of the Grunwald Gallery of Art at Indiana University, and Garry Milius, Associate Curator of Art, Artifacts and Photographs at The Kinsey Institute. The jurors selected more than 90 artworks out of hundreds contemporary works of art submitted by artists from six countries.

You can watch a larger version of this video and find videos from previous Juried Art Shows on our YouTube channel.

Kinsey Institute Film Archives

The Kinsey Institute film archive includes the historical stag film collection, educational films from the 1970s and 1980s, the Swedish erotica collection, the Kinsey Institute's Animal Behavior collection, as well as archival footage of Dr. Kinsey, and a variety of 35mm films. You can read more about the film archives here »

Several films from the Kinsey Institute Film Archive are also housed and available to view on subscription-based SexSmart Films. The Kinsey Institute receives a portion of your subscription fee.

Kinsey Institute Presents. . . Conversations with Sex Researchers

(10:17 mins; mp4 video)
Kinsey Institute senior scientist Erick Janssen talks to Kristin Mark about her research on fidelity in relationships. Video by Siyabonga Africa.

You can see a larger version of this video on our YouTube channel.

(59:11 mins in three parts)
What drives men to choose to be castrated? Dr. Richard Wassersug presents research on voluntary eunuchs, that is, males who desire to be emasculated yet do not wish to be female. He discusses what motivates these men (why, how, and where they get castrated), and the consequences of their castration on personality and social relations.

NOTE: Clicking will open the videos in larger format in a new webpage. These are large files and may take a moment to load.

(1:18:36 mins)
Dr. Curt Bergstrand discusses the paradigms of monogamy, including sexual, emotional and practical monogamy. He is the author of Swinging in America: Love, Sex, and Marriage in the 21st Century, and is a Professor of Sociology at Bellarmine University in Kentucky.

NOTE: Clicking will open the video in larger format in a new webpage. This is a large file and may take a moment to load.

(1:01:06 mins)
David Teplica (MD, MFA) presents an overview of the twin studies and some case studies from his plastic surgical practice that have helped formulate his speculations about the in-born and multi-dimensional nature of human sexuality.

NOTE: Clicking will open the video in larger format in a new webpage. This is a large file and may take a moment to load.

(4:44 mins)
A virtual tour of summer exhibition of 18th-20th century European art, donated by one collector. This exhibit is showing until Septembe 3rd, 2010, in The Kinsey Gallery. Video produced by Victor Jideonwo

You can see a larger version of this video on our YouTube channel.

(2:02 mins; mp4 video)
A quick peek at a selection of home-made sex toys featured in the Kinsey Gallery show Private Eyes: Amateur Works from The Kinsey Institute Collection. The exhibit was presented at the Kinsey Gallery January - April, 2010. Video by Erin Robinson.

You can see a larger version of this video on our YouTube channel.


More Video

(90:26 mins; Flash)
A chat with Dr. Paul Gebhard, former Kinsey Institute director and colleague of Alfred Kinsey, and Dr. Elizabeth Mooney, Professor of Anthropology and Sociology at IU South Bend and former Kinsey Institute research associate. Gebhard and Mooney discuss their time at the Institute during and after the Alfred Kinsey era. Video production courtesy of Sex Smart Films.

Dr. Ira Reiss speaks at Rice University in 1991.

(51:33 mins; Flash)
A lecture by Dr. Ira Reiss on September 12, 1991 in Houston, Texas. Dr. Reiss was invited to speak by the Sociology Department of Rice University and by the Planned Parenthood Chapter of Houston. The lecture is based upon the book Reiss published in 1990. The audience was several hundred people and consisted of students, faculty, health professionals and townspeople.

A video of Dr. John Money's presentation at the NICHD 25th Anniversary meeting.

(18:59 mins; Flash)
From the Kinsey Institute collections. Dr. John Money presents to the NICHD. Video production courtesy of Sex Smart Films.

A video of speakers at the 1987 memorial for sexology pioneer Dr. Harry Benjamin.
Harry Benjamin Memorial, New York Academy of Medicine, January 10, 1987

(13:11 mins; Flash)
A series of speakers at a memorial for sexology pioneer Dr. Harry Benjamin, including several eminent sex researchers, medical practitioners, and previous patients of Dr. Benjamin, among them Christine Jorgensen, the first male-to-female transexual patient. The speakers discuss Dr. Benjamin's many contributions to sex research and treatment for sexual dysfunctions, including sex reassignment surgery and the invention of the sex surrogate in clinical practice. Video courtesy of Sex Smart Films.

film ist image

(2 mins; plays in web browser).
Selection from filmmaker Gustav Deutsch's FILM IST. a girl & a gun (2009). This film uses existing archival footage, including films from The Kinsey Institute, to create an original montage. This excerpt is from the "Eros" chapter of the film.

Dr. Julia Heiman speaking on the Charlie Rose Show
Dr. Julia Heiman panel appearance (54 mins; plays in web browser).

KI Director Dr. Heiman appeared on the Charlie Rose TV (PBS) show in November 2007 as a panel member for an episode on Human Sexuality in a series on science. The episode can be viewed online or downloaded.

Dr. Jenny Higgins spoke at the Institute in February 2009 on the topic of women's sexual pleasure as a factor in decision-making about contraceptives. (There may be a slight delay while the video loads.)

Sponsored in October 2006 by the Institute for Advanced Study, Justice Kirby's lecture addressed "Alfred Kinsey and His Continuing Impact on the Human Rights of Sexual Minorities."

(2 mins; plays in web browser)
Dr. Heather Rupp of The Kinsey Institute and Dr. Thomas James of Indiana University appeared in a news story on WKRG (Mobile, Alabama) in February 2009 to explain findings from their research on hw hormones may influence mate choice in heterosexual women. Note: on slower internet connections, you may experience less delay by viewing video directly on WKRG website.

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