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The University Consortium for Sexuality Research and Training presents:

The Future of Sexuality Research: Methodological to Social Policy Innovations

April 9-11, 2007

Sponsored by The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex Gender and Reproduction
and The National Sexuality Resource Center

Sexuality research in the US has expanded significantly over the past decade, with major contributions in bio-medical, psycho-social, historical, and political fields of scholarship. At the same time, the conditions for sex research appear to be both constrained and enabled by emerging technologies, new social movements, neo-liberal and neo-conservative discourses, and state practices. The resulting tensions and dilemmas require responsive accountability to public need, yet the “public need” often remains undefined or contested. Of paramount importance are places where public policies intersect with individual and community sexual practices and where the bio-medical sciences articulate with society, culture, and politics.

This conference will examine the current state of the field of sexuality studies and explore the road ahead. Our aim is to encourage innovation and cross-talk between and among disciplines, sites, and specialties in order to develop and sustain an interdisciplinary, research-based sexuality field. Thus, we are especially interested in presentations that explore innovative interdisciplinary methods and highlight the translation from research to public policy. The conference is presented by the University Consortium for Sexuality Research and Training, and is being held at The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex Gender and Reproduction, and is co-sponsored by the National Sexuality Resource Center and The Kinsey Institute.

A range of scholarly research presentations are invited from researchers, scholars, and practitioners dealing with areas and issues such as (but not limited to):

  • Sexual orientation, cultural identity, homonormativity;
  • Genetic, epigenetic and neuro-psychological dynamics;
  • Gender and gender roles;
  • Gender identity and public policy;
  • Evolutionary propensities and sexual behavior;
  • Sexual development and sexuality across the life cycle;
  • Sexual violence and coercion;
  • Physiological and endocrinological aspects of sex and sexuality;
  • Sexuality, parenting, and public policy;
  • Sexuality and social/racial/political formations; AIDS activism
  • Politics of sex and sexuality within a transnational frame;
  • Translating sex research and public policy;
  • Sex, immigration, globalization;
  • Research methodologies and epistemologies

Formats can include posters (the preferred format) or brief 20-minute papers. There are also a few slots for a limited number of workshop proposals. Please note that the size of this conference is limited, so please get submissions in as early as possible. Please send an abstract of your poster, 20-minute paper, or 90-minute workshop (workshop proposal requires collected abstracts of presenters) to the site below.

ABSTRACT SUBMISSION: Please send an abstract of your poster, paper, or workshop proposal to the site below. Abstracts should not exceed 300 words. Applications will be accepted for review by committee through December 18, 2006. Submit online:

Questions or concerns? Contact Project Coordinator at 415.437.5120 or

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