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The Future of Sexuality Research: Methodological to Social Policy Innovations

Presenter Guidelines and Information

Attendees rely on its accuracy to get to talks on time.

Concurrent Paper sessions:

  • The total time for each presenter is 20 minutes per speaker, including their Q & A. This assumes 4 papers per session. For sessions with fewer papers, moderators may use their discretion and add more time at the end for group questions, allow a few extra questions for each paper, or end the session early.

  • The session moderator will give each speaker a prearranged warning signal at 5 minutes, and again when it is approaching 2 minutes before the end of his/her speaking time. 

  • If a speaker talks to the end of his/her allotted time, the moderator will not take any questions, but will go directly to the next presentation. 

Poster Session:

  • The poster session will run concurrently with the reception, from 5-10 pm on Tuesday, in the Frangipani Room of the Indiana Memorial Union. Participants are encouraged to leave the posters up during dinner, and to return to the session after dinner.

  • Presenters will be provided with a free standing poster display board, 48” vertical and 44” horizontal. Materials can be mounted with push pins. We will have pins available on-site.

  • If you need special equipment such as an electrical outlet or table on which you may put a laptop, email your request to


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